New Visual IVR solution empowers HR-Employee Communication

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New Visual IVR solution empowers HR-Employee Communication
New HR Visual IVR mobile app from Zappix to empower employee communication

A new HR Visual IVR solution was recently being launched by Zappix to empower HR employee communication. This new offering will enable companies with large workforces to provide employees with an Omni-channel mobile Visual IVR HR app for iPhone, Android or Web that will allow them to easily connect with HR infrastructure and human resource personnel.

With the HR Visual IVR solution, employee can easily access core HR functions such as payroll systems, benefits, administration and personnel tracking. With a user-friendly GUI of this app, employees can easily solicit responses to HR enquiries and get quick immediate assistance on the move.

This platform helps eliminate stress off the employees regards HR issues that involve payment problems, retirement plans and health benefits offered by the company, time off and other work related issues that come under the ambit of responsibilities of a HR manager.

With the convenience of HR accessibility to provide resolutions at a time they need it, it helps boost employee morale and supports them through the process of growing with the company.

It also helps facilitate retention of the talented workforce, as they feel valued and appreciated for their contribution.

Timely resolution of HR issues through increased convenience provided by this app helps boost employee confidence. It also motivates them to perform better, harnessing mutual growth prospects with the enterprise.

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The product empowers employees to reach out to the human resource manager, as well as explore any data available within the HR domain and request answers to their queries promptly.

“For employers, the Zappix Visual IVR solution can substantially reduce Human Resources support costs in labor and materials while improving employee job satisfaction.”At little cost and with no IT involvement, the Zappix Visual IVR solution delivers all the capabilities needed for a workforce of any size to realize robust mobile HR Smartphone app connectivity,” Gal Steinberg, Zappix Vice President of Marketing says.

This application integrates voice and non-voice visual content with Human Resources customer service channels that include phone (voice), web, mobile online forms, and multi-media (audio or video) self-help resources into one highly intuitive Visual IVR app.

Companies using this platform can realise significant reductions in app development costs while giving their employees exactly what they want and need -better HR interactions that are increasingly driven by automation, self-service, around-the-clock accessibility and enhanced mobile/web convenience.

Steinberg added: “It all comes down to providing companies and their employees fast, easy and secure access to HR information and cross-platform assistance options that are both live and automated.”

Employees can help themselves with up-to-date information on any HR topic to include paid time off, medical insurance policies, participation in training and development programs, etc.

Self-service applications are on an increase. They help reduce costs, accelerate resolution time through automation and provide customers with answers to queries at their fingertips.

It also empowers businesses alike to generate greater ROI within less time. But is self-service the way to go for the future? Gartner research has an interesting take to state, “By 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.”

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