New Free Checklist Helps HR Professionals to Integrate Online Assessments with their ATS and HRIS

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Employers are missing a trick by not integrating their assessment data with their other talent systems. Instead, the data collected about individuals at the recruitment stage often just ‘sits in a drawer’.

To rectify this problem, assessment specialist cut-e has created a checklist showing recruiters and HR professionals how to link their selection data with on-the-job performance data, such that they can make more insightful development and succession planning decisions.

A new checklist has been designed by the talent measurement and web-based psychometric assessment company cut-e, to help recruiters and HR practitioners integrate online assessments with their Application Tracking System (ATS) or HR Information System (HRIS).

Integration – where data flows seamlessly across different systems – has become a critical issue in assessment, as employers strive to improve the candidate experience, increase efficiency, enhance their employer brand and remove the possibility of human error through manual data entry.

cut-e’s checklist highlights specific ‘points to consider’, and questions to ask, to help organisations transfer data seamlessly, enhance the candidate experience, ensure standardisation, access talent analytics and safeguard the security of the data (including how and where it is stored).

“Recruitment and HR teams want to provide a hassle-free, candidate-centric recruitment process which not only appears straightforward to applicants but also provides the right information, at the right time and in the right format, to help them make a selection decision,” said Dr Achim Preuss, Managing Director of cut-e.

“As a result, they now want to work with vendors who can seamlessly integrate assessments into the recruitment process and work with their existing application, candidate management and HR information systems. Our new checklist provides a comprehensive list of actions and advice that we’ve developed from our experience of integrating with more than 30 systems worldwide.”

According to a global study by cut-e, the organisational demand for integration is driven by a greater desire to measure, evaluate and demonstrate the link between talent initiatives and business performance.

The study shows that 45 percent of assessment users now undertake data mining projects to gain ‘predictive talent analytics’ that will give them fresh insights about their talent and help them make future recruitment and succession planning decisions.

“The great advantage of linking your selection data with on-the-job performance data is that you can ask sophisticated questions about your talent and get real-time answers,” said Dr Preuss.

“Ultimately, the success of any integration project will be determined by how it is managed. Third-party suppliers will have to work closely together, so it is important to choose the right assessment partner who can support you effectively. This will be someone with in-depth psychometric experience as well as IT, HR, project management, data and analytics expertise.”



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