New Employee Time Clock App with GPS to Track and Monitor Locations

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New Employee Time Clock App with GPS to Track and Monitor Locations
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The Staffometer mobile app allows employers in industries such as trucking, construction, property management and other industries to keep track of the time their employees work along with GPS locations while they are on the clock.

To ensure the employee’s privacy, GPS locations are only captured while the employee is clocked in to the app. The employee’s own Smartphone can be used as the time clock.

The free app is available now for Android and is coming soon for iPhone.  Staffometer, a mobile time clock system with GPS location tracking allows employees to use their own Smartphone as a time clock which also tracks GPS locations while on the clock.

To access and make most of this app, it requires the employer to have a Staffometer account. After the employer sets up an account the system sends each employee an email inviting them to install the free app. The employees use the app to clock in, clock out, take breaks and view time reports.

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Employers use their secure online Staffometer account to view detailed reports regarding each employee’s time worked, hours worked, location at clock in, clock out and throughout a work shift. Locations are viewed on a map to make sure employees are staying on the right track throughout the day.

“Some tracking software for employee’s monitors locations 24/7 which has caused litigation regarding employee privacy.” says Sean Featherstone, COO of Retina-X Studios. “Staffometer is different because it only monitors when the employee is clocked in and expresses their permission.”

“We offer a free trial account which offers employers the chance to use the system at no charge for up to three users for seven days.” Featherstone says. “The system is extremely affordable for even the smallest of startups and can be used in coordination with your BYOD policy.”

Staffometer is available now through Google Play or the website. The free trial can be accessed and accounts start at only $10.00 per month for 3 users, or $20.00 per month for 10 users.

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