Moving From In-House to Cloud System? Follow These Strategies

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Amidst today’s increasingly digital landscape, almost all sectors are already adopting cloud to their business. While cloud-savvy businesses are on the rise across the globe, some companies are still left behind when it comes to preparing their organisations to be cloud-ready.

Being could-ready is not a one night process. There are terms and conditions you should fulfil in order to be as savvy and successful as other organisations. So, taken from E-Handbook series proposed by Search Cloud Computing, here is how you can prepare the whole team, be it IT staffs and non-experts, to be cloud-ready.

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Educate and train employees

Whether your company has already adopted the cloud or is new to migrate to the cloud, you need to assure that there is education bar for everyone in your organisation. The educational part is to introduce cloud to non-technical employees and deepen the knowledge of those IT staff.

In the education and training programs, you should combine on-site and online training in order to provide access to various resources – take advantage of webinars and conferences held around the city. You should also include cloud-knowledgeable employees in any discussions. In addition, train your staff on internal cloud security while ensuring that your security documentation is accessible to employees through a central repository.

Transform staff to be cloud-ready

As your organisation evolve through the cloud, so should your staff. Generally, there should be a new mindset implemented to your team when moving toward cloud computing. The mindset should be specifically discussing IT roles that need to be developed in order to get a secure system. Database admins, for instance, need to adopt new data backup processes and tools to maintain secure, offline copies of company’s data. Or, software developers need to adjust their application design process.

While developing such mindset, IT leaders should provide equipment to their teams with the ability to effectively and efficiently procure cloud technology. There must also be a plan for each division in your corporation from how to adopt to how to apply operations and maintenance efforts.

Secure your cloud

As soon as you made cloud available to the whole organisation, do implement access and authorisation controls to reassure that your corporate data is not accessible for public. 85 percent of IT professionals are confident in cloud providers to provide a secure environment, however, it doesn’t mean that it’s totally safe. Hence, you should consider cross-training your staff as soon as possible to help ensure data security. 

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