Hyphen Launches Anonymous Mobile Solution for Employees to be Heard at Work

November 2, 20158:46 am740 views

Hyphen is democratizing the global workplace by empowering employees to share their ideas and opinions anonymously. Hyphen’s gamified mobile employee engagement solution makes it easy for anyone to participate on the go.

Hyphen lets employees be heard at work and be a part of the decision-making while helping executives make timelier business decisions that can boost productivity, improve team morale and employee retention.

Organizations become equipped to identify unknown issues in real-time and make timelier decisions to boost retention and productivity. Hyphen, has launched an employee engagement mobile solution that enables employees to share their ideas, opinions, questions and feedback anonymously via the new Hyphen app, available on both App Store and Google Play.

The Hyphen mobile app anonymizes the user, empowering employees to connect securely anytime, anywhere, and makes it enjoyable for employees to share their opinions through a gamified user interface.

Hyphen offers a suite of advanced data analytics for Executives, team leaders and Human Resources leaders to access unfiltered information in real-time, identify issues previously unspoken, and course-correct with timelier and better informed decisions that improve employee retention and productivity.

Hyphen’s algorithms categorize employee feedback and provide an instant snapshot of trending hot topics, red flag issues, and suggestions that could be applied across the organization.

Hyphen co-founder & CEO Arnaud Grunwald said, “Organizations, whether small or large, need to move quickly in today’s environment to stay competitive and it is imperative to engage employees in order to retain them – especially the newer Millennials, Gen X, Gen Z generations of employees. Many organizations collect feedback from customers but struggle to get candid input from their own employees. With Hyphen, organizations can apply the same rigor to employee issues as they apply to their customers.”

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Most employees don’t feel empowered to share their candid thoughts about their workplace while Management and Human Resources executives often play the guessing game to help their employees.

Traditional top-down surveys leave the management with many blind spots and delay their ability to address issues. With Hyphen, organizations now have their finger on the true pulse of their employee experience, something they can’t do with infrequent reviews and top-down surveys.

Employee engagement still averages at a worryingly low 30%, according to Gallup, though studies regularly show that giving a true voice to employees in the workplace leads to effective decision-making, higher employee retention, and boosts morale and productivity within the organization.

“Hyphen is helping organizations create an inclusive workplace where everyone can be heard”, says Sarah Brennan, founder of Accelir and a Human Resources technology industry thought leader. “Hyphen has the potential to surface issues Human Resources and Executives never knew about, let alone asked about, and helps them harness the impact that engagement can have on customer retention and overall profits.”

Onboarding new employees have improved considerably as they can ask questions via the Hyphen app without feeling embarrassed. Additionally, employees are happier knowing that their opinions via the Hyphen app are being heard, and they have an important voice in influencing the company’s course of action.

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