HR Tech: Improve Background Checks with Next Generation Applicant Center

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HR Tech: Improve Background Checks with Next Generation Applicant Center
HR Tech: Improve Background Checks with Next Generation Applicant Center

Background check is an integral and important part of the employment screening process during interviews. To help recruiters manage their ongoing communication, reduce workload and improve efficiency to speed up the entire hiring process, resulting in faster time-to-hire rates, HireRight, a leading provider of global employment screening solutions, has announced its next generation Applicant Center.

This Application Center connects candidates directly with HireRight, a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks that help employers automate, manage and control background screening and related programs. The company is industry’s only background check portal designed from the ground up to enhance the candidate’s experience and the employer brand.

This next generation Application Center features new social integration capabilities, a mobile-optimised platform and a user-friendly interface that is ideal for a global audience. HireRight is the only background check provider to offer this kind of candidate-facing solution, which is aimed to help employers increase their recruiting success in a competitive talent market.

“Amidst Asia’s growing economy, the competitive job market means that employers need to stand out from the competition to attract and retain the best talent,” said Edward Hickey, Managing Director, APAC, HireRight. “We’ve invested heavily to transform the screening experience for candidates to make screening easier, faster and available at any time through our next generation Applicant Center.”

The next generation Applicant Center guides candidates step by step through the background check process, enables candidates to supply additional information, view the status in real-time as verifications are completed, and ask any questions directly to HireRight.

The Applicant Center can also help reduce data entry demands on the recruiter or candidate and eliminate unnecessary steps or errors by facilitating data population from the candidate’s social profiles, such as LinkedIn, or by leveraging HireRight’s more than 50 integrations with leading HR management and applicant tracking systems. It can be employer co-branded so that it provides a consistent recruiting and onboarding experience for candidates.

Applicant Center can also be personalized with welcome videos that help the candidate learn more about the employer and its culture. “With the introduction of its next generation Applicant Center portal, HireRight remains a committed advocate of enhanced candidate experiences through increased transparency and improved communication,” said Elaine Orler, chairman and co-founder of Talent Board, a global organisation advocating and supporting continuous recruitment innovation.

Hickey added: “The new version of Applicant Center was driven from the start by our mission to improve the candidate experience through enhanced candidate education and communication about the screening process.”

The mobile-specific design allows candidates to complete forms and upload photos or scans of documents that may be needed for the background check, such as educational certificates, directly from a phone, mobile device, or desktop. This capability is especially critical for many tech-savvy candidates in Asia who use mobile as their primary device.

“Between continuous innovation in the space, useful tools such as the Candidate Resentment Calculator, and long-running support of the Candidate Experience Awards, HireRight recognises and appreciates the value that job seekers bring to the talent acquisition process,” Orler adds.

Applicant Center includes intelligent design forms and dynamic help to provide extensive support for the candidate throughout the system.

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