Hottest Trends in HR Technology

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Hottest Trends in HR Technology
Hottest Trends in HR Technology

Human resource management is no stranger to technology as the same has been part of their “space” for a long time now. Businesses and corporate organizations have likewise adapted to widespread use of technology. Technology is useful to human resource management especially for recruitment, retention and employee engagement; the more technology advances the more it will improve the way things are done.

Following the direction of technological advancements would make it easier if you’d consider the following:

Quality over quantity

Even HR departments often make the mistake of trying out too many things that seemingly define “technological advancement” only to find out later that it is in no way applicable in its work setting especially in the long haul. This then becomes a total waste of resources especially for technology adaption in the trial and error stage. There is still no one-technology-fits-all in that quantity is not always better. Instead look for a technology that is multi-functional and is a good match for your HR requirements.

Avoid technology vendors that use “breakthrough” as a sales pitch

With digital technology now on its second decade breakthroughs have more or less settled already. However, technology still keeps on improving as younger and creative generation of technology developers are on the rise. If you’ve been successful on currently existing core technologies in your line of work then look for refinements on those products instead of being hyped on a “seemingly” brand new technology that will take another grueling adjustment to make it useful and successful.

Let ease of use be the star attraction

Even if modern-day employees are adept to the use of over a dozen of applications at a single time, others simply give up when after 2 or 3 trials still wouldn’t cut it. In their minds, technological applications are created to make things better and easier to work at. Make “usability” and ease of use be your qualifiers in approving new technologies for work. Get into the minds of your employees to determine what it takes for them to try and comply with the use of a new application.

“Show me the numbers”

What better way to improve the way things are done for better output than to prove the need to do so with real numbers – analytics. As experts would put it “numbers don’t lie” and when these numbers are shared within departments it makes justification for work adjustments, recommendations or investments easily justifiable. Numbers show a pattern, whether good or bad, and helps HR managers ask the right questions. Look for technological advancements that can generate reports fast and accurate.


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