Highly-Skilled Contingent Hires to Drive Growth of IT Industry in Singapore

May 10, 201610:34 am1760 views

Temporary roles for information technology professionals will increase as employers recognise it as a cost-efficient and flexible way of supporting IT projects.

According to the latest Hays Quarterly Report, employers are now opting for temporary and contract hires when seeking talent to deliver key IT initiatives.

“Short-term hires prove to be the best choice for employers who require specific niche skill sets for certain projects,” says Lynne Roeder, Managing Director for Hays in Singapore. “This allows employers to circumvent headcount constraints and hire relevant talent as and when needed.”

Highly experienced IT talent with more skills and experience than what is required will also be more effective in temporary roles.

“Over-qualified talents are able to make an immediate impact on a project, drawing from their deep expertise and past successes,” says Lynne. “They welcome the flexibility and sense of achievement that comes from working a full project cycle on a short-term contract basis.”

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Senior-level interim technology professionals will also be in high demand in the upcoming quarter as companies seek top talent to add strategic value at a regional level.

“Interim IT directors are sought after to complement the existing IT team,” Lynne added. “An ever-increasing number of international organisations are operating in Singapore, prompting the hiring of senior-level interim technology professionals to act as a sounding board to CIOs.”

In terms of candidate trends, Lynne observes that the mindset and attitude of IT talent are changing as they are more open to temporary roles and contract work.

“More candidates are now considering temporary work as a career choice and not just as a foot in the door,” says Lynne.

“They are able to fully demonstrate their capabilities in short-term roles and gain valuable experience working on diverse projects. We believe the trend will continue in the foreseeable future as IT professionals discover the value of working on high-impact projects with shorter delivery timelines.”

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