Employers Can Now Check Labour Market “Pulse” in Less Than a Minute with this New HR Tech

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Employers around the world can now check the pulse of the labour market in less than a minute, with CEB’s recently launched technology tool – Global Talent Monitor. This tool was launched for talent management executives across the globe, at ReimagineHR summit in Chicago.

CEB’s Global Talent Monitor provides a snapshot of how real employees and job candidates around the world feel about the economy, their own prospects and what motivates them—or doesn’t—when it comes to work.

The Global Talent Monitor offer employers insight into six key metrics that can be used to understand labour market trends and inform their own recruitment and retention strategies to include:

  1. Active-Passive Score
  2. Discretionary Effort
  3. Drivers of Attraction
  4. Drivers of Attrition
  5. Intent to Stay
  6. Job Opportunity Barometer

By keying in on six metrics, CEB, a best practice insight and technology company provides employers topline visibility into employees’ needs and motivations, which help them focus priorities and shape programs based on business need.

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“Companies around the world are ready and willing to compete for the best talent,” said Jean Martin, Talent Solutions Architect, CEB. “Too often, though they invest in programs that don’t account for differences that exist from country to country based on economic conditions. This can limit the return on their investments.”

CEB's Global Talent Monitor

Global Talent Monitor data can give employers line of sight into the country and regional differences such that they can more quickly adjust their program mix or in some cases identify gaps that require more comprehensive insight and support to remedy.

According to Martin, the ability to understand employees’ motivations and needs is critical to any company’s ability to grow since it is the linchpin to both attracting and retaining talent.

The Monitor currently provides an aggregate global view drawn from 20 different countries. It also provides country-specific visibility into employee perceptions in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, China and South Africa. Visitors to the site have the ability to compare data in these countries against global averages or to other countries to understand regional differences.

Global Talent Monitor data is drawn from CEB’s larger Global Labour Market Survey and is made up of more than 18,000 employees in 20 countries. The survey is conducted quarterly and is reflective of market conditions during the quarter preceding publication.

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