Delivering Accessible People Analytics: RITEQ Acquires Optimum Performance

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Leading Australian workforce management and analytics solution provider, RITEQ announced the acquisition of pre-eminent human capital metrics and analytics specialists, Optimum Performance as part of the company’s expanding offering in the people analytics space.

Complementing its long established reputation in operational workforce management that is used by more than 350 organisations in 15,000 sites across more than 10 countries, and having already added data science and analytics to its offering, RITEQ now makes a formidable move into the people analytics space.

“It has been RITEQ’s long-standing vision to use our existing workforce management platform and recently acquired BI tools and skills as the foundation upon which to deliver world-class people analytics that are accessible to organisations of all sizes,” said Managing Director David Kroser.

“The acquisition of Optimum Performance brings on board unique and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of human capital metrics and analysis. Together we will continue to create best-of-breed solutions answering to the specific needs of end-users across the organisation.”

“People analytics, as a true business discipline, brings together all the people related data from across the organisation, to inform and contribute to strategic decisions and planning, solve problems and support organisational objectives. We truly understand what CEOs, HR professionals and line managers are – and should be – seeking from their HR and other employee data,” said Kroser.

Led by people analytics guru Stephen Moore, over the past two decades Optimum Performance has assisted a diverse range of organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and South Africa in formulating, designing and executing highly effective workforce reporting, forecasting and planning strategies that inform and enable optimum workforce performance.

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Its impressive client base includes large corporations like Caltex, Fonterra, Cabrini Health, RHB Bank Malaysia & Leighton Construction through to public sector agencies such as Sydney Water & Court Services Victoria, plus extensive work with more than 50 councils in the local government sector.

“Given that in most organisations the annual labour bill meets or exceeds 60% of total operating expenditure, surely it makes sense that HR departments provide meaningful management reporting that facilitates improved workforce efficiency and effectiveness,” said Stephen Moore.

“Not only will people analytics improve bottom line performance, but it will also transform the role of the HR team from an operational support function to that of value-added business partners,” he said.

RITEQ will progressively release a range of software solutions that will enable every organisation to evaluate and improve its workforce performance, planning and business contribution.

“And just as importantly, we will be delivering a comprehensive education program to ensure HR professionals can effectively execute and deliver on the desired results,” said David Kroser. “We are excited not only about the contribution we can make to optimised workforce performance, but to enhancing HR department effectiveness, so they can gain greater recognition for the vital and evolving role they play within the organisation.”

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