Contact Management on Cloud: Enhanced Flexibility to Transform Business Workings

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Chika Terada, CEO of Sansan Inc, the number one cloud contact management solutions provider in Japan shares his views on how businesses can leverage on network connections forged, by centralising contact information on the cloud. The company’s unique cloud-friendly technology facilitates companies to easily integrate their business card data onto their existing CRM tools and other services. Delving insights further…

  • As businesses in APAC are increasingly migrating to cloud solutions, what are the challenges faced by companies in Singapore towards embracing cloud?

Cloud business solutions are becoming a priority amongst the majority of Asia Pacific companies. Singapore in particular is a huge supporter and is the biggest adopter of cloud technology in Asia-Pacific.

There is a growing awareness among businesses and enterprises to access their information technology (IT) resources extensively through “cloud computing.”

Enterprises in Singapore are leveraging cloud to provide increased standardization of IT infrastructure and to lower the cost of delivering technology solutions.

While there are many opportunities for companies choosing cloud, such as business efficiency and cost-saving, the primary concern still revolves around privacy and data security. Most of the enterprises are concerned about the security and privacy of their critical data.

At Sansan we take security of our clients very seriously as “your security is our priority”. Our platform is encrypted with the highest possible levels of security, as we handle business from thousands of clients.

Our platforms are used and tested by industry leaders across sectors from large global giants to technology, security and government organizations. We are the no. 1 cloud contact management solutions provider in Japan, that which has one of the strictest laws and regulation regarding data protection.

  • How can digitising business contacts unearth talent for companies?

Sansan’s platform is flexible and ideal for any company with sales or recruiting strategy, it can be used across teams and geographies. Most often business cards are forgotten in desk drawers or piled up on the table – leading to disorganised contact management and missed opportunity for the organization.

Sansan helps companies by digitising business cards and storing them on cloud to reduce the risk of losing information and giving teams the advantage of utilising business contacts effectively for their end purpose.

With an organised and updated contact management, teams across geographies can make these business cards work for them by targeting just the right candidate for the job and showcasing their company’s unique culture to attract talent.

  • Shed light on the future of contact management on cloud?

Cloud based contact management will prove to be a game changer as it allows companies of all sizes the flexibility of doing business without making large capital investments and being highly scalable and accessible at the same time.

This is particularly attractive for SMBs as with a platform like ours they can increase their array of business opportunities by making business cards work successfully for them. Sansan’s technology helps businesses improve their productivity, centralise their company business card management and visualise customer relationships.

According to IDC, the public cloud services market in APAC will double from US$3.2 billion in 2014 to US$7.1 billion by 2018. Mobility, too, is expected to grow by 46 per cent from US$20.3 billion in 2014 to US$29.1 billion in 2018.

Chika Terada, CEO of Sansan Inc

Chika Terada, CEO of Sansan Inc

Given the increasing demand for cloud and mobile solutions, the time is now for business to jump on the bandwagon, or risk getting left behind as the industry transitions to this new reality.

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  • What do you mean by Sansan escaping the “Salaryman” lifestyle and following a new work style/culture?

Sansan abides by what we call our “Katachi” (Japanese for “shape”, or “form”). Under this we have our Mission, our Values, and our Premise, all of which are important in every aspect of our daily work. Our mission is “to create a resource from everyday business encounters and transform the way the world works.”

On one hand, our service is built to reflect and help realize this mission. But in addition to changing our clients’ work-style through our service, we are also focused on changing our own work-style with approaches like our satellite office in the little town of Kamiyama, Tokushima for better work efficiency.

One of our Values – Love your work and work with passion, explains people who continue to succeed are people who love their work and work with passion.

Our Premise – Balancing security and convenience, resonates about taking the security of our clients and their data seriously as security and ease of use is the basic premise of our business.

Our Katachi gives Sansan structure, and keeps us on the path to continue creating value for businesses, globally.

  • How does Sansan help companies migrate to the cloud platform? How does the unique technology from Sansan work towards using data in business cards as a valuable contact resource for companies?

The current “plug-and-play” process of individually entering information is tedious and inefficient, leading to misinformation, and henceforth missed connections.

Sansan helps companies migrate business card information – an important part of their business function – onto its cloud-based platform by scanning and digitising business cards through our Smartphone app or with our customized scanner, storing them on cloud and sharing and managing it across teams in a company to unlock the hidden potential in your business cards.

One of the main benefits of Sansan’s business card/contact management platform is the increased flexibility it offers companies, both in terms of innovation and business agility as well as operational and cost efficiency achieved through a lucrative pricing model.

Sansan’s unique technology is also compatible, cross-platforms allowing businesses to easily integrate their business card data onto their existing CRM tools and other services for a complete enterprise solution. Thus, we provide our customers and partners the opportunity to take advantage of a fully extensible platform of robust contact management and sharing capabilities.

  • Share us similarities on the business card culture in Singapore and Japan. How does contact management system from Sansan work towards leveraging personal connections for business use?

Japan and Singapore share similar business card cultures with the practice of exchanging business cards. It is the first thing businesses in both countries do when meeting a new business contact.

Sansan’s business card/contact management system works for personal contacts the same way they do with business contacts – their contacts are scanned and stored into the system.

Giving colleagues access to easily find shared connections and connecting with new contacts through their other colleagues’ introductions.

  • Kindly share more details about Sansan’s business card transcription service and cloud-based collaborative contact management software?

Sansan offers transcription of business card with unbeatable accuracy; we provide a person-centred database that is updated with the most recent information. Most of our clients look for accuracy and effectiveness while managing their contacts and at Sansan we offer both.

  • Today’s business cards sometimes come with QR code, is Sansan technology able/upgraded to decipher contacts from QR codes?

QR codes in business cards are still very uncommon and most business cards still use traditional characters. Currently we do not support the function of translating data from QR codes but will decide to enhance the platform in the future depending on our existing or prospective client’s demands.

  • What are the expansion plans of the company in the near future? What are the products in pipeline that the company plans to launch soon in APAC markets?

We have recently expanded our presence in Singapore and are seeing immense business opportunity here for Sansan to explore. Businesses in Singapore can benefit by using our platform and enhance efficiency and greater business productivity by managing their business contacts efficiently.

That said we do intend to expand outward into other English-speaking regions of APAC, which would include Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand in the coming future.

  • What are the languages in which Sansan technology can transcribe business cards?

Sansan’s technology can currently transcribe in English, Chinese and, Japanese languages. Support for other languages is planned for the future.

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