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Lack of interview rooms? Too costly to fly in a possible super talent for a face to face interview? We found one solution that might do the job!


Cloud Interview facilitates the interview and recruitment process by providing a web based on-demand video interviewing platform. Build interviews, include collaborators and invite candidates in less than 10 minutes. With Cloud Interview you can interview anyone, anywhere, anytime

Cloud Interview has done for interviewing what UPS did for shipping. They coordinate the logistics, simplify the process, and take the hassle out of it.

Most executives have experienced the frustration of trying to get a team of people together with crazy schedules in order to interview what could potentially be their next superstar. It is difficult to get all of the right players in the room at the same time. This system allows you to follow a simple process to get phenomenal results.

  1. Record your interview questions.
  2. Build your interview from those questions.
  3. Add the people who will be evaluators/collaborators into the system.
  4. Add the names and email addresses of the candidates.  Each candidate interviews on their own schedule.
  5. Each collaborator reviews the video responses on their own schedule.  They rate each response on a 1 to 10 scale and provide supporting comments.
  6. The system rank orders the candidates based on the ratings of your team.
  7. You bring in the best candidate for a final interview.

Cloud Interview solve the problems of convenience, interviewing people who are already employed, the coordination of schedules, the cost of live interviews, the loss of peak productive work time, and the objectivity of the interview results. Cloud Interview make the process of finding great people easy, fun, and convenient.

Pricing point

$19-35 per candidate interview

Main Features

  • Database of Common Interview Questions
  • Unlimited Collaboration
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Service Fees
  • No Expiration on Credits
  • Self Sign-Up
  • Add Custom Questions
  • Scaled pricing model on per credit basis
  • No software to install – easy to add to any recruitment model

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