Being Lifetime Learners Together with Coursepad

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Both leaders and employees need to be continuously learning, especially in this fast-changing and competitive industry. HR professionals must aim to create lifetime learners on their company.

Workplace learning has been around since forever, yet it’s not progressed. According to Kevin Chan, CEO of Coursepad, “Close to 90% of workplace learning is done via face-to-face classroom courses with only 10% of that being served as e-learning right now.”

As manpower costs rise and work environments require increasing knowledge capital, learning and development departments are being pressured to deliver solutions that deliver an optimal cost-benefit. Luckily, there’s a tool to help HR professionals for people development area.

Coursepad is a proprietary mobile learning platform for organisations to rapidly deploy social learning apps. Chan states “We think our smart mobile coaches provide a more reliable, effective and measurable way to learn compared to the “train and pray” approach currently adopted.”

According to Chan, Coursepad aims to change the game by positioning themselves as a smart, context-aware mobile coach that is aware of the needs of the individual learner, pushing out relevant learning content to them, reducing the cost of training and development while enhancing the knowledge capital of workers.

Chan’s vision is to improve the effectiveness of corporate e-learning by making courses more social and engaging. With Coursepad, organisations can now deliver bite-sized training materials and learning challenges to teams.

The founding team of Coursepad felt people development was a problem, inspiring them to create a solution for it.

Chan explains “We were working on enterprise mobile apps for the banking industry, and then we realise that. There was a dearth of innovation where training and development was concerned — even the most well-funded organisations default to pen, paper and flipcharts. And our clients were really relying on our gen-Y sense of what could work to better engage their internal users.”

Coming from a background that emphasises learning and personal development, Coursepad’s founding team has jumped at the opportunity to transform organisational learning. Kevin Chan and his co-founder, Tan Jie Hao, who both studied at Nanyang Technological University, have actively worked on Coursepad since early 2013.

The founders reveal their mission is to put an intelligent mobile coach into the hands of every workplace learner out there, utilising SaaS solution that charges their clients based on the total number of subscribers. Coursepad’s platform highest profile users is best-selling author Robin Sharma, author of the “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”.

The team previously developed mobile learning applications for MNCs including Standard Chartered, SAP and Wipro, integrating best practices for effective training into the platform. They’ve taken this knowledge and applied it to Coursepad, targeting Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for business development, with several new countries for possible expansion to be named soon.

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