5 Must-Have Apps for the Modern, Mobile HR Professional

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It can be quite confusing for the modern HR professional on the apps to choose between the most popular ones and the ones that are a best fit for the business requirements.

Today’s mobile HR professionals have little time to focus on mundane functions such as payroll management, administrative tasks etc. They are focused on bringing value to the organisation, while many of the routine tasks are automated with software.

Here are the top 5 must-have apps for the modern HR professional to reduce workload and manage daily responsibilities with much ease.

  1. Herd Wisdom

This is an app that aims at monitoring “employee engagement”, which is a broadly defined term to include morale and participation in company activities. The cost amounts to $3 per employee per month. The HR professional can use this app to generate metrics to measure the progress of employee engagement initiatives, using real-time data served up by the app.

Furthermore, employees can provide feedback and answer surveys about the company, while using the app to collaborate between co-workers.

  1. Concur

This is one of the most successful apps that optimally use all functions of the mobile device. It helps HR managers do away with the tedious process of collection of receipts. Employees can simply take a picture of their receipts as they go along side using their mobile device. The process of mobile recruitment gets speedy with HR managers being able to instantly review and approve them remotely through this app.

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  1. Spark Hire

This video resume and video interviewing app becomes very useful for the modern HR managers, as recruitment via video goes widespread. After the applicant has recorded their video using a Smartphone or tablet, the HR manager can view them on their mobile.

The applicants are helpfully grouped into a single page for records of the hiring managers. Interviews can also be conducted live through the app, as per convenience and consent of both parties. This app comes as a part of the broader software suite priced at $49 per month.

  1. LinkedIn Recruiter

You can harness the potentials of LinkedIn networks on this recruitment app. This app is available on Android and iOS. The whole recruitment base is at your fingertips, you can contact the staff and job seekers directly via this app. Additionally you can also review real-time updates from job applicants and profile changes about the candidates/staffers you follow closely.

  1. SAP Manager Insight

This employee profile app, empowered by the SAP platform allows HR professionals and managers to access employee information remotely and get all details to include KPI reports as well.

Unlike other apps, this app allows users to drill down into different levels of the organisation and use the interface to search for employees. There is just a simple one-off payment to get started on this app – $450 per user. Trial version of this app can be accessed from SAP’s webpage.

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