4 Ways Virtual Reality Can Boost Your Productivity at Work

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Technology is constantly evolving. Few decades ago, people might think that virtual world is only part of a sci-fi novel or fantasy. However, the wheel of time proves to run faster. By 2018, there are 171 million people in the world using virtual reality (VR) hardware and software. The advisory firm Digi-Capital has estimated that VR could worth up to $30 million by 2020 that mostly comes from the sales of VR headsets, games, and videos. Even in today’s business, STRIVR has also recommended the use of VR to help the employee perform their best in the workplace.

But, what actually makes this virtual reality suddenly grab many business founder’s eyes?

The answer lies in the advancement and ease access to the VR technology itself. Nowadays, VR can be used more than just entertainment as in video games or virtual museums. Beyond that, VR can be brought to the workplace to leverage employee performance and engagement. Successful businesses such as KFC already utilised VR technology to train their employees and the result was outstanding. VR can help the business grow as it boosts employee performance and eventually improve the company’s bottomline.

Among other advantages of using VR in the workplace are that it helps improve employee skills effectively and efficiently, reduce pressure and enhance creativity, as well as accelerate employee’s training and development program.

Therefore, using VR in the office can improve employee performance and contribute to the business growth at once. Below, we share some insights on ‘how’ to use this advanced technology to boost your team’s productivity:

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  • Meeting and presentation

Have you ever watched a movie entitled Kingsman?

In this film, we can see a portrayal of a virtual meeting where the team members do not have to be present in the same room to have a discussion. However, this is different from doing a video call or voice call meeting. Video call can only give you the 2D version of the people you are talking to. However, when you put on your VR gear, you can see the 3D version of your coworkers and actually feel that they are sitting and talking beside you. This experience will help you build a sense of belonging and presence in the forum or meeting, rather than just hearing or watching absentmindedly through a screen.

VR is also efficient to use when your business partner is located abroad because it will cut the flight costs while saving you time and energy. For sales and marketing presentation, VR will be a helpful device, too. Instead of making a dull and boring PowerPoint slide, you can make it more interesting by creating life-like visuals of the data and it will grab more attentions to buy your product.

  • Training and problem solving

Every situation in the workplace is different and VR technology can help you provide the experience without having to be in the situation. For example, VR can reduce and even eliminate potential risk and danger that might come when training employees to work at crane or hoist, because VR can provide 3D visual that will help them visualise the real-work experience. It also allows the employees to develop their skills rapidly as VR is immersive and fun for learning purposes. Besides, virtual reality can also give you new virtual experience that can boost your creativity.

  • Refreshing form of entertainment

A study shows that employee productivity will swiftly increase when they have a break in the middle of work. A 30-minutes nap will be good to regain our energy and rest our mind for a while, but most of us don’t have much time for that. Instead of napping, employees can also have a short walk around the office to refresh your mind. But that is so old-fashioned suggestion. How about raising the bar and taking a break under the sakura tree or walking around the greenness of the mountain?

Well, most of us might never have such close access nor the time to such refreshing places only. Nonetheless, virtual reality can solve this issue. The visual and sound coming from the VR gear can block all the stress and noise going on in the workplace and give you a relaxation you deserve, such that you will be ready again to go back to those mountains of files after turning off the device.

  • Virtual privacy

The opportunity to have a ‘me time’ can be scarce sometimes, but VR technology can provide you this privilege. In line with the previous point, there is no way for you to do your job on the beach sore or on top of the mountain, as you might not have the time and money to travel. However, the virtual workspace provided by VR will not impact the surroundings. You can sit still on your chair and at the same time, enjoying the view of the beautiful scenery you like. You don’t need to worry about budget travel or windy day outside. So, why not give it a try?

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