How Human Resources Help Against Cyber-Crime Attack

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According to BBC, Cyber-security is a game of cat and mouse, with criminals always think of new ways to attack systems. Attackers are usually doing this to extort money from the victims. The attack could be a serious issue as organisations could be at risk of losing their important documents, photographs, or other confidential files that they end up willing to pay for ransom money than reporting to the police. However, BBC said that “there is no absolutely guarantee the criminals would give your files back” even after exchange. That being said, no organisation is totally impenetrable against cyber-crime attack.

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OneLogin revealed that cyber-crime attacks often come from employees who access unsecure internet browser such as adult contents. Although you might not witness your employees doing so, OneLogin said that at least two in five companies have caught employees indulging in adult contents. As a result, free rein on the internet unwittingly leaves businesses and their critical corporate data exposed to cyber-crime. Info Mart adds that company can lose more than money as cybercrime can steal, sabotage, as well as do employee harassment.

While employing IT professionals can be a good way to prevent cyber-crime issues, it does not mean that your company is totally secure and protected. Below, we share some steps you can take to mitigate the risk of cyber threats.

01 Use antivirus and antimalware program

By applying antivirus and antimalware programs such as Avast, Avira, or BitDefender, you can reduce the risk of being attacked by cyber-criminals. “As long as your operating system is up-to-date, you should be protected from this strain of ransomware”, said BBC. Therefore, make sure that you upgrade your operating system to the latest update. Additionally, you need to regularly check and scan your computers from unknown malwares.

02 Conduct the right background check

As mentioned earlier, employees is one of the causes why cyber-attackers can access your company’s data. Owing to this reason, it is important to thoroughly check candidates’ track record and background before hiring them. “Prevention is better than cure” – thus, preventing ‘spoiled candidates’ from sitting in the position is better than any other solution. To do this, you should conduct pre-employment background check to find out candidate’s history and make you more alerted if there is any cases of cybercrime in the past. Background check is vital for positions that deal with confidential documents such as financial data or have access to business assets.

03 Acknowledge your staffs regularly

The last and useful thing you can do is to educate your staffs of how dangerous cyber-attacks is for the firm. Giant company such as Google, Facebook, and Apple regularly educate their staffs regarding this matter. Things like not emailing important customers info via email, or even storing customer PII is often unknown by employees. As HR department is often in charge of employees’ educations, it is important to ensure employees of their responsibility against cybercrime. You can conduct an annual review on corporate security protocols and share new information on vulnerabilities to remind employees the importance of data security and provide tips for improvement. Website like Stay Safe Online can be a great resource for you to learn more on how to protect organisations as well as employees.   

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