7 Applications to Boost Workplace Productivity and Performance

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There is no doubt that technology has become an inseparable element of a modern workplace. Without the adoption of technology, businesses can have a hard time to achieve growth and sustainability. Technology also eases employees’ job and help finish tasks in a timely manner. Managers and employees, especially the remote ones, can also effectively communicate and collaborate, thanks to technology.

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With the increasing embracement of new technology at work, HR in Asia compiles some applications that will make your life at work easier. From scheduling to controlling remote worker applications, here are seven workplace applications that we believe to be the best to use for workplace management.


Formerly known as Google Apps, G-suite is Google’s suite intelligent app needed for businesses to set everything at once. G-suite provides all-in-one application under Google administrator, including email, Google sheets, Google calendar, Google Drive, Google Contacts, and Google Forms. Using G-suite is a good application for collaboration and it allows employees to get more tasks done.

Price: starting from US$4.20 /user/month with 14-days trial


With this app, you can now see whether your team member ignoring your email or not. Projects can be hard to complete due to individuals refuse to read an email. With Mailtracker, you can receive a real-time notification every time your email is opened, enabling for honest reporting.

Price: Free


ETA is an application that helps its users organise their time better. The features of this app include tracking time, destination route, and detailed information about time arrival. ETA is also beneficial for industrial or personal uses. However, the app is only available on iPhone, Apple Watch, and iMessage. 

Price: information is not available

Swype Keyboard

Giving clear instruction on a written message is as important as verbal communication. But sometimes, being in a hurry makes us type wrong words or sentences which lead to unclear instructions and misunderstanding. With this in mind, Swype keyboard can help you ease your hurry-typing mode. All you need to do is sliding your finger across the letters to compose messages and search for information quickly.

Price: information is not available


iDoneThis app allows you to track achievements of your in-house and remote employees. This app is also beneficial to track remote employees’ progress and time spent on their work.

Price: starting from US$9 /user/month annually

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a financial planning app that is beneficial to manage financial expenses. It is also a good management app for retirement and investment check-up tools. Additionally, Personal Capital allows you to coordinate budgets, goals, and income streams from multiple accounts in one-to-use platform.

Price: Free


Another useful workplace application is BizMerlin. This application allows human resource management to hire, onboard, manage, allocate, and retain team members in a simple practical way.

Price: information is not available but there is 14-days free trial 

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