5 Seamless HR Portal Software for Singapore Employees

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Technology has pushed businesses to not just be digital but also do digital. Especially in a world of virtual access, companies must re-shape their strategy to follow the flow and become an employer of choice by enabling human resource portal.

Having an HR portal can offer flawless access to employees’ management system as well as become an internal gateway for employees to access related information about work. HR portal is also a handy dashboard that lets you navigate effortlessly to any necessary workflow which can reduce the amount of stress due to mounting paperwork. You can easily create and store employment record digitally and access them conveniently anytime and anywhere you need them. 

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Choosing the software, however, should come hand-in-hand with the company’s goals and needs. To help you, we have compelled these five easy-to-access systems and good customer care HR portal that might suit your needs. 

1 – Opensoft

Opensoft is a self-service (ESS) HR portal that can enhance the efficiency of HR management. Opensoft system enables eSelf-Service module to enhance the efficiency of HR department while empowering employees with quicker access to information that pertains to their personal needs.

The software is also beneficial for HR executives as it gives easy access to track progress of applicants and payroll access. Consequently, it can enhance HR productivity, management reporting, responsive HR query, and good security and audit.

Features at a glance: Payroll , eLeave, time and attendance, eClaim, employee self-service, roster management, and performance appraisal.

2 – Roubler

Roubler is an all-in-one platform that eliminates the need to enter and maintain the same data across multiple services, reduces IT costs and protects the integrity of company’s data. It works securely and flexibly with a cloud system that enables to be accessed anywhere, anytime by both employer and employees. In addition, Roubler also has self-service system feature on desktop or mobile device powered by an app.   

Features at a glance: Recruitment, employee onboarding, scheduling, time and attendance, leave management, employee self-service, leave management, document library, e-Learning management system, payroll software, payroll reporting suite, and modern award compliance.

3 – JustLogin

JustLogin is a cloud-based system HR portal that has almost 20 years’ experience. It has 14 days free trial for everyone who wants to have a brief outlook on every app in JustLogin. There are a few combined featured if you want a fully automated payroll, seamless reimbursements, and powerful time and attendance.

Features at a glance: JustMobile, JustPayroll, JustLeave, JutsClock, JustExpense, JustBenefit, and JustPeople.

4 – Smart Cursors

HR cursor is an HRMS application that streamlines and automates every aspect of human resource function into a single platform to manage and drive employees’ engagement and wellbeing. Smart cursor is an analytical-driven app that integrates with cloud system. It is also a mobile-friendly with a pay-as-you-go option. There is also a single-sign-on system for secure and seamless login procedure.

Features at a glance: Employee self-service, recruitment, dynamic payroll, leave management, benefits and claims management, attendance, training, and performance appraisal management.

5 – Info-tech

Info-tech HR software comprises of all Singaporean payroll calculation, leave module and HR functions with unlimited employee’s capacity. The system is approved by numerous organisations including CPF BOARD, IRAS, and Singapore banks for employees salary transfer. Info-tech is also mobile friendly with competitive price.

Features at a glance: Software products (including payroll, attendance, e-staff portal, etc.), biometric systems, face recognition, turnstile – BCA EPSS, and door access system.

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