5 Signs Why You Should Fire Your HR Manager

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5 Signs Why You Should Fire Your HR Manager
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A good HR manager is an invaluable asset for a company. They can advise employers on how to better manage their people, improve the management, as well as hire and develop programs that will help the business succeed. A great HR manager also possesses traits that could take the rest of their executive team on the winning journey. 

The problem is, there are times when the one in the role of HR manager is misleading and toxic. Here are some traits of a toxic HR manager that employers should pay attention to and take immediate response. 

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Lack of leadership 

Some HR people do not like numbers. It is why they are not financing people. However, if an HR manager can only tell you what he thinks about turnover or feels about one insurance plan vs. another, he is not doing his job right. Hard numbers are available and HR should understand the data behind it. Besides, the world of work is now driven by data. If your HR manager cannot figure out how to evaluate a program or policy, using hard data, then he is not capable of doing his job. In addition, a good HR will be able to use their soft skills to teach and coach and have the hard skills necessary to show you why the training programs are working or not. 

Do not value learning 

The world of work is continuously changing and a great HR executive must embrace that change, meaning they should continue learning to stay ahead of competition. The best HR people are willing to explore new ideas and are able to take other people on that journey as well. They are willing to help their organisations be progressive and work at the cutting edge. If your HR manager is not approaching their role and viewing your organisation with a growth mindset, then it might be time to look further afield. 

Never need help from professionals 

If your HR executive never says, “We need to ask the lawyers”, this might be a sign of unprofessionalism and overconfidence that could lead in trouble. Employment law is complex. It is always changing and always open to new interpretations. HR executives are professional people who are responsible not only in managing people but also ensuring that business is compliant with employment law. Yet, even the most professional HR executive will need help from a lawyer or an attorney to ensure with the ever-changing law. 

Become yes-sayers 

A good HR manager stands up to management and when needed, they should be able to explain the consequences of implementing a wrong policy or action. It is the employer who decides what to do with the wrongdoings. Yet, if an HR manager always says yes to whatever your decision, please be wary as he/she is probably not paying close enough attention to the true needs of the business. 

Create a new policy for every problem

HR loves policies as it helps bring order to the workplace. But does HR use them to avoid confrontation, or rather they only create it for the formality? Remember that policies are necessary, yet simply issuing policy statements rather than addressing actual behaviour lapses are not effective. Employees might not completely understand about workplace policy without the actual explanation from HR people. 

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