Why Humour in the Workplace is Important & Needed

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Sometimes we laugh at a funny behaviour our workmates do, or we laugh at our silly mistakes. Whatever it is, laughter is good. It can brighten up the mood around you.

Leslie Rose wrote in her seminar letter that humour can lighten up our day. It can build a healthy relationship, trust, and cooperation. In the workplace where every due date and stressful schedule can haunt your day, humour can help shoo those worries away. For example, you are required to finish some tasks within crazy deadlines. These tight schedules can be hard and lead to excessive dizziness and emotional change if you keep working without rest. Thus, throwing some jokes with coworkers or simply watching amusing videos on YouTube can help you stay sane during tough times.

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“Having humour helps us keep our perspective, stay responsive to others and work, and resolve differences. It can also lower your tension,” added Rose. Humour is also the shortest distance between people. It brings happiness, decrease pain, and enhances speaking and listening well. Other than that, happiness can also be beneficial in your workplace. What are the benefits? Here are 6 advantages of humour in workplace.   

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01   Benefiting health

Some say laughter is the best healer in the world. It certainly is true. After a good laugh, we feel better. John Morreall, founder of the International Society for Humor Studies and author of HumorWorks, said that humour is the opposite of stress. It affects both our mental and physic. “Laughter lowers blood pressure, increase blood circulation, reduced muscles tension and pain, and boosts immune system,” said Morreall. Telling a joke to your office mates will not turn you into a hotshot person. It, rather, can turn laughs into votes of giggles into team spirit.

02   Creating solid team

Every company wants a solid and reliable team. Leaders also want the same. They want a unified team behind their leadership. A study commissioned by Janet Holmes and Meredith Marra showed that humour can strengthen solidarity between colleagues.  It can also lead successful leaders to channel humour into team spirit which eventually can unite a team behind his leadership.

03   Diffusing tension

Everyone makes mistake, but a fatal mistake can happen and tension will run high. In this case, you might soon explode and be angry for every small action. However, as a leader, you have two choices: 1) let the rage take you or 2) lighten the mood by joking around. Research by Alexander Pundt and Felicia Herrmann revealed that using humour can smooth friction and reset mood. It can lower your tension and return your good leadership act. By lowering your tension and mood, you can clearly think of a solution, instead of raging over that will affect overall productivity.   

04   Creating a better leader

Various research suggested that humour is something that cannot be refused. When you can make people laugh, they will think that you are friendly and are good to be followed. The sense of likeability created a positive feeling that someone is good for their wellbeing as well, suggested Pundt. However, it does not mean that – as a leader – you can always joke around over small things. You should show your dignity and leadership skill as well.

05   Improving creativity

Humour contains some odd words that are created in one sentence or story. It is an unexpected combination that can make people laugh. These odd combinations said Rod A. Martin, an author of “The Psychology of Humor, can increase creativity levels in groups. It makes your team more productive and innovative.

06   Improve motivation and decreasing fatigue

A well telling joke can burn down monotone and boring atmosphere. It creates a better environment to work and motivates employees to improve productivity. Holmes study found that humour can relieve boredom and raises energy levels. Try this, you spot that your colleague in a dangerous situation where she feels burnout and stress. You come to her. While she still focuses on her work, tell her your most humorous story. Soon, you will see a book punching your face to tell you to go away. And yet – she will also feel grateful that you make her smile again today. Happy trying!

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