What You Should Do to Thrive the Digital Age

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Our interview with HR professionals revealed that shifting from traditional to a digital workforce will be among the major issues HR department has to face in the 21st century. The challenge is particularly real in a diverse workforce where the young and older employees work side-by-side that technology could become a gap in business communication and company inclusion. While digital adoption is a challenge, HR experts mentioned that technology can be the greatest weapon to thrive in a more competitive world of work today.

So how can a company thrive in a more digital savvy world?

Mayur Anadkat, vice president of product marketing at Five9, suggested that businesses will have a hard time to save their company from collapsing, especially in today’s digital world. Slow and inefficient progress company make will lead them to fall as a victim to stronger competition. He also revealed that most companies try to stepping-up rather than keeping-up which direct them to the pitfalls.

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“Keeping-up is one of the keys to survival although it means you need to invest heavily on lean enterprises.”

Another key to remaining on top of the game is the ability to adapt and adopt automation. For example, in today’s cyber workplace, you need to change your strategy to be more cyber-savvy.  Parvinder Walia, sales and marketing director at ESET, agreed that a company will likely to fall prey to cyber crimes, especially now where technology gives access to everything easily. Therefore, companies need to change their strategy to invest more in cyber talents. In addition, company also needs to invest heavily on their cybersecurity awareness by investing in training and programs that educate staff on basic cyber hygiene. Doing this can help secure your business and stay competitive.

Further the discussion, you need to put more thoughts on how to leverage your ability to adapt and adopt automation. BBVA found that there are several keys that play an important role for your business survival. Including cybersecurity and employee development, you need to begin and invest more in your big data strategy. Big data transforms how society, politics, and business play their roles.

“Business models must be rethought for a new setting that requires closer customer involvement, enhanced agility and ongoing innovation.”

Karen Cariss, CEO and co-founder of PageUp, also discussed in her book titled “Cliffhanger: HR on the Precipice in the Future of Work” that big data is very useful to predict some issues, including:

o   Configuration of team member’s best suit tasks requiring diverse thinking and creativity vs. expeditious task execution,

o   Leader or team member’s best facilitating cohesion and collaboration based on meeting participation, and

o   Teams that demonstrate higher levels of trust and cooperation, and build a solid long term relationship, in which all of these terms are required to make a solid team.

Other than that, Cariss suggested that companies need to be a digital business and cultural intelligence. This intelligence is meant for businesses to continuously aware of the rapid changing of technology by implementing these strategies.

o   By understanding the power of information technology and having the ability to execute digital strategies for competitive business advantage.

o   By understanding the business drivers, systems, and capabilities of adopting automation and innovation.

o   By having the ability to contribute strategic advice based on workforce analytics.

o   By relooking security and privacy management issues and addressing these challenges in a more effective and efficient way. But keep in mind that you should not stifle interchanges such as extensive information sharing and collaboration in order to not restrict innovation.

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