What Makes For Happy Employees (Without A Raise)? Secrets Revealed!

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Until recently and even today, while financial well-being is important to all employees and matters to all, but that’s not the only reason to make employees happy. The old adage is true: Money can’t buy everything. An employer might spoil the employees by giving a regular raise, awarding yearly bonuses, and allowing paid day offs but these super benefits do not always bring in significant returns as expected such as higher productivity levels and improved engagement at work.

Google is absolutely right about a statement: “We work harder when we are happy.” A study held by Andrew Oswald, Eugenio Proto and Daniel Sgroi from University of Warwick was an eye opener to many organisation. The research was conducted on 700 participants, which led to a conclusion that happiness contributes to higher productivity up by 12 % significantly. It is quite relieving when compared to those who felt unhappy at work, they were proven to be less productive up to 10%.

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The studies further revealed that, HR professionals ought to struggle in finding the right ways to keep the employees happy at the work, as it is proven to increase productivity and even engagement at the same time. Here are some things that can make an employee happy at work.

  1. A career pathway in the company

Employees who do not realize career prospects and growth within the company tend to quite easily. The same working tasks and routines are not challenging enough for the highly ambitious. Hence, HR professionals should take time off to have conversation with such employees, to help explain and steer clear of the roadblocks to career progressions of employees through seminars, trainings and workshops for skill development. Developed skills and better career opportunities would make them happier and more motivated too.

  1. Achievement and recognition

‘Give and take’ seems to be popularly applied at some companies in terms of productivity and their take home pay cheques. This common rewarding methodology would be further applied in cases, when the employee does a brilliant job and is willing to take high risks to accomplish the task. Herein, ‘congratulations’ and ‘model attribution’ is not enough. These should be followed with some surprising bonuses such as extra day off, movie tickets or shopping coupons. These can be unique and quite impressive, resulting in happier employees and better engagement.

  1. Health concerns

Many people are now realizing the benefits of health investment for their future. Companies can herein undertake responsibility, offer support for employees for their health facilities and guarantee medical assurance coverage. Employers who show great concern and care towards employee health, boost productivity, increase loyalty and employee engagement.

  1. Keep in touch

Simple things can be done to keep in touch with the employees. An intensive personal communication session such as having a lunch together or even treating for a beer after work hours help build strong bond between a manager and an employee.

  1. An intensive communication in most casual ways

Casual conversations often end up with fresh ideas those that can be implemented. HR professionals could initiate a casual meeting in an open area with yummy snacks and beverages to have a light chit chat with the employees. Ask them to share their ideas, they would feel appreciated and in the other hand explain the company’s expectations too, in most casual ways of course!

  1. Transparency

A raise and promotion are quite important but what employees really want to know is the state of the company. Being transparent costs almost free but it results in an ongoing communication both employers and employees. Transparency affects so much on how both sides recognize the company’ issues and work hand in hand to solve them.

To boost the employee happiness at work it is not always about money and raise. The list can go endless when employers show genuine care and concerns towards employee needs and treat them right at work to give them the recognition they deserve. HR professionals and employers should work towards creating transparency in the workings for establishing harmonious workplace culture.

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