Top 8 Motivational Phrases HR Managers Must Know to Build a Confident Workforce

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Great perks and benefits are commonly believed to boost employee motivation levels at work. Flexibility, health insurance and leave policies, yearly bonuses and paid time-offs are some other benefits besides salary, employees keenly look upto. These drive employee motivation and increases their happiness quotient at work to excel in their workings.

However, employers seldom realise that their leadership style and the manner in which they communicate with employees, can significantly impact their motivation levels at work.

Between the day-to-day employer-employee interactions (both online and offline) exists a space wherein employees feel valued, seek motivation and comfort. Choice of words used by an employer during communication, intonation, facial expressions, reaction and responses to employee concerns, matters to maintain employee confidence and motivation levels in check.

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A particularly rude and impolite statement from a boss or senior manager with frustrated tonality, can be perceived as offending by employees. This would further make them feel undervalued and disrespected at work.

On the contrary, when an employer chooses words carefully, is certain on how to communicate right, exercises better control on his body language, tonality, gestures, and in turn expresses ideas politely to the workforce, they feel motivated to perform. Such kind statements and polite gestures leave an indelible impression on the minds of employees – they feel appreciated, respected, valued and recognised for their contributions. Hence, they tend to deliver optimal quality performance within specified time frame.

Here are some amazing phrases that could perk up moods, elevate confidence and motivation levels of your staffers:

  • Can you help me?

While this phrase seems simple to say, and easy to understand in the professional context, it has a powerful effect on employee’s instinctive desire to perform. When an employer asks for help, employees feel the need to showcase their skills on how they can help the business sustain through turbulent times and pave rough waters. This phrase further shows respect and trust on employees, to tight knit the bonds for a strong employer-employee relationship.

  • Thank You

Practicing a ‘Thank you’ attitude towards employees, shows great gratitude and appreciation for an employee’s hard work. Rather than just saying thank you, employers can try being a bit elaborate on the reasons behind thanking the employee – these could range from complimenting on punctuality towards meeting deadlines, excellent quality of deliverables and project delivery, enhanced productivity, creative performance and so on.

  • What do you think?

This phrase invites employee participation to create sense of value and respect towards their ideas, while encouraging them to actively get involved in the business decision-making process.

It also shows a sense of trust on employees to encourage them to voice out their ideas, speak up for their rights, provide freedom for creative expression, while creating a healthy workplace culture, where everyone is treated equally.

  • I’m glad to have you in the team

This powerful sentence makes employees feel valued, appreciated and accepted as being an integral part supporting the cohesive workings of a team. Employees experience sense of gratification, perked up morale and motivation for increased employee engagement and productivity.

  • I’m so proud of you

This positive phrase has the power to boost employee self-confidence, self-esteem, and drives them inertly to make possible more accomplishments, that would make the employer brand grab a competitive winning edge in the industry.

  • I’m sorry I was wrong

Best employers do admit their mistakes, and this phrase can never go wrong, when it comes to making employees understand that, employers are humans too and their ideas can fail at times as well.

This phrase further represents an open and transparent workplace culture, wherein employers are not afraid to confess their wrongs and mistakes with the employees at large and seek for ideas to improve and scale up operations in the near future.

  • What can I do?

Employers who are helpful, provide all assistance to employees to enable creation of a supportive workplace culture, wherein everybody helps each other professionally. Employees are encouraged to speak up about their issues and challenges towards executing the job roles. Even employees are encouraged to speak up about their personal challenges that impede their performance and productivity at work. This open workplace culture, allows employers to understand employees better, and their challenges both on personal and professional fronts, to be able to harness on their potentials while helping them out with solutions for their problems.

  • I trust you

Trust is a must-have to build healthy workplace relationships between employers- employees and colleagues at work. When an employer shows trust towards employees the workplace in turn exudes energetic vibes, motivates employees to perform at their best, while making sure the employer brand ethics and values are never compromised. Plus the trust and reliance showcased by the employer is never taken for granted and employees work hard to never let an employer down.

HR managers and employers should encourage creation of a collaborative workplace culture, with usage of these highly-effective phrases during employee communication for highly-confident and motivated workforce.

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