Tips to Turn Your Temp Job into Full-Time Position

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More and more companies are turning towards temporary workers to fill their hiring needs. There are various reasons why employers nowadays prefer to bring in temp workers instead of permanent ones. Besides filling short-term vacancies during seasonal or peak season period, employers want to boost productivity without spending any additional costs such as paying the overtime cost.

Companies today are also implementing ‘try before you buy’ model in their hiring strategy. Given that hiring wrong talents for permanent jobs could be costly and risky for the company’s stability, employers want to put candidates in temp positions during certain trial period to assess their performance before hiring them for full-time positions.

On the other hand, seeing from candidate’s point of view, some people decide to take temp jobs simply because it is increasingly difficult to land a permanent position. Meanwhile, some others see it the same way as the companies, they do not want to be trapped in the wrong jobs after signing the permanent contracts. At this point, temp jobs could be considered as a win-win solution for both employer and employee.

However, many temp employees feel that they belong to their current company as they find that the environment and culture is enjoyable. Given that looking for new job and starting over at new office is not easy, many expect to be hired as permanent employees from their temp jobs. If you feel your current temp job is the right job for you, you should work harder to switch it into full-time position. Follow the tips below to achieve that goal:

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Act like a full-timer

Temp employees tend to work less seriously when they consider that they will only be there for a while. They will not focus on the career as they are thinking about moving on when the temp contract is finished. If you do not belong to this type of temp worker, then first thing you need to do is motivating yourself. You should be sure that there will be time when you are hired as a full-timer, as long as you can demonstrate to your boss that you are worth it.

Recognise daily task as a test

Your temp work is basically a test. When you can pass the test, eventually you will get the offer for full-time position. What you can do to pass the test is to keep learning from the seniors and do your job seriously. Improve yourself as much as possible every single day.

Be positive

Employees who tend to spread negativity will not be accepted everywhere. Therefore, you need to be a positive and kind person. Keep a friendly attitude, be helpful to those who need a helping hand, and you will be loved by your coworkers and bosses. Not only does this help you build a good image at work, this will also help you understand better about the job and the company.

Communicate your intention with the manager

When you successfully motivate yourself and perform your best, now it is time to show your intention to get full-time position to your boss. Do not hesitate to ask your manager about the availability of any full-time position as well as your potentials to take the role. You need to convince your manager that you deserve the recruitment. Asking feedback to improve yourself can be a good move to not only hone your skills, but also make the company notice your capabilities.

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