TimesJobs Looks beyond Just Jobseekers to Transform into Career Enhancement Officer

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The e-recruitment industry has largely been focused on just providing jobs to active jobseekers, which barely constitute 15% of the larger class of working professionals.

Over 85% of working professionals are not actively looking for a job change, however, that does not mean that they are not ambitious and unconcerned about their career growth. In order to address the concerns of this huge diaspora that have been largely ignored by e-recruitment, TimesJobs has transformed itself from a job portal to a career advisory destination.

TimesJobs, one of India’s leading job portals has radically transformed its business to address a whole new and completely ignored set of working professionals. It launched this newly transformed and advanced avatar in the form of the ‘Career Enhancement Officer’, supported by a 360-degree marketing campaign.

Speaking on this transformation, Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy, Times Business Solutions, explains, “TimesJobs regularly conducts research to gauge the pulse of working professionals and our research shows that rather than just switching for a quick salary jump, high performers clearly set their career goals.”

“They ascertain their market worth, skills and competencies, and gauge prospective employers based on company culture, work-life balance, growth prospects, role adaptability and transitions before taking a carefully thought-out decision. TimesJobs has transformed to providing these professionals with the tools necessary for ensuring that they always make the smarter career choice.”

TimesJobs now provides a host of career enhancement services to enable professionals map their career path, and assess their professional growth in an ongoing manner, rather than only provide job listings when they are looking for a new job.

The online portal further helps professionals evaluate their personal skill-sets against the latest industry standards and provides them resources on how to upgrade their skills in order to grow faster.

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TimesJobs’ also provides a personalized salary comparator, that clearly benchmarks their current compensation with industry peers by analyzing millions of profiles so that they can get the salary they truly deserve – be that via internal negotiations or looking for a better opportunity outside their current organization.

When evaluating opportunities outside, TimesJobs’ Company Reviews and Ratings provide insights into thousands of ‘best-employer’ companies, their work culture, growth opportunities, work-life balance, etc. candidly submitted by actual employees. This helps professionals choose companies that will be the best fit for them and their career growth.

Further with the largest number of jobs in the market, the site ensures that whenever and wherever there is a good opportunity, professionals will be able to find it on TimesJobs. With the widest range of potential interview questions, TimesJobs aids professionals to understand different employer’s interview methods and help them prepare to ace their interviews.

In order to communicate this radical transformation of TimesJobs from a job portal to a career advisory destination, the creative character of the Career Enhancement Officer and the creative hook of #IndiasMostLovedCEO were developed in association with Innocean Worldwide India.

“The business and the brand will only have as much credibility as the person speaking about it, and who has more credibility than the CEO? TimesJobs has imbibed the virtues, flavour and character of the CEO and is able to competently advise working professionals from a position of thought leadership and industry knowledge dominance.”

“This Career Enhancement Officer can help you map your career better by giving you knowledge, insights and advice for accelerated growth. As an added bonus, this CEO also provides the largest collection of jobs that can help you find the perfect one,” explains Vikas Deep Verma, Product and Marketing Head, TimesJobs.com

A high decibel campaign is running across TV, online, print and OOH, including regional and national media and will be supported with digital banners, contests, mailers and social media amplification to gain resonance across the target audience of competent working professionals.

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