The World’s Top Career Skills for 2019 Revealed

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Raghav Gupta, business leader and director at Coursera, told us that the urgency to upgrade skills is a never ending-journey as skills are fundamental to all productivity and success.

Unfortunately, according to the latest Coursera Global Skills Index, nearly every developing countries (90 percent) lack critical skills that are needed in today’s business such as technology and data science, manufacturing, telecommunications, and finance. Businesses are growing in terms of technology and competitiveness so do talents. Without upgrading skills, we will have to deal with a bitter fact that there will be no more advancement in both personal and professional career.

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This underlines the urgency for individuals to continuously upgrade their competences. From 100 more subjects to choose, here are the 10 most in-demand and crucial skills for your future career.

#1   Python Programming  
  • Field of study: Retrieving and processing data, scrape web data, retrieve data from APIs, data visualisation
  •  Courses in Python Programing
#2   Big Data
  • Field of study: Spark, Hadoop with MapReduce, Processing Using Splunk
  •  Courses in Big Data Specialisation
#3   Leadership
  • Field of study: Project efficiency and productivity, negotiation, communicating with executives, and time management
  •  Courses in Career Success Specialisation
#4   Microsoft Excel
  • Field of study: Data management, financial functions, spreadsheet design, data cleaning and modelling
  •  Courses in Excel Skills for Business Specialisation
#5   Analytics
  • Field of study: Business intelligence consulting, data-driven decision making, data visualisation and presentation
  •  Courses in Data Analysis and Presentation Skills
#6   Writing
  • Field of study: Essay writing, academic writing, punctuation, grammar, and verb tenses
  •  Courses in Academic English: Writing Specialisation
#7   Decision-making
  • Field of study: Leading in a virtual world, decision analysis, and corporate governance
  •  Courses in Strategic Leadership and Management Specialisation
#8   Marketing strategy
  • Field of study: Cross-channel customer acquisition, online behaviour analysis, email marketing, and display advertising
  •  Courses in Digital Marketing Specialisation
#9 Financial statements
  • Field of study: Marketing strategy, people management, corporate finance, and operations analysis
  •  Courses in Business Foundations Specialisation
#10 Deep learning
  • Field of study: Neural network optimisation, Tensorflow, error analysis, sequence models, Hyperparameter tuning
  •  Courses in Deep Learning Specialisation 

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