The Next Generation’s View of the Future

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With Millennials firmly established in the workforce, employers are shifting their focus to the next generation of hopeful employees. Generation Z — anyone born between 1996-2000— is growing up in a time of economic turmoil, rapidly inflating tuition costs, and reduced job security. From a recent survey by Universum, only 56 percent of Gen Z respondents believe they will enjoy a better standard of living than their parents, compared to 71 percent of Millennials.

Generation Z must adapt to ever-changing market demands. They are growing up fast and are on the brink of deciding what they want to do with their lives. The choices they make now will have a lasting impact on their future.

What kind of careers are they looking for? And what paths can they take to find a good fit? Universum compiled the data to figure out what makes Generation Z tick.

Education and Preparation

Generation Z doesn’t necessarily believe attending college is best for them. Universum asked students if they were planning to join the workforce instead of pursuing traditional higher education. Fifteen percent said they would be willing to forgo college in favor of alternative schooling, such as apprenticeships, and 47 percent responded with “maybe”. Sixty percent of Gen Z would be interested in learning how companies can educate people who haven’t attended conventional universities.

They also don’t think traditional tertiary education will prepare them for their life ahead. In a recent study of college students, only 38 percent believed college was adequately preparing them to join the workforce.

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Does Gender Still Matter?

Gen Z has the ability to choose careers regardless of distinctions between males and females. Gender differences aren’t as large a concern, though the issue is still larger for them than it is for Millennials. Universum surveyed 49,000 members of Generation Z in 47 countries and found:

  • A total of 11 percent of global respondents in Gen Z fear their gender would bar them from opportunities they deserve.
  • In contrast, only 8 percent of Millennials surveyed believe they would have limited opportunities due to gender.

Connect with Generation Z

Using the right resources will go far to attract the next generation of excellent employees. People in Generation Z are afraid that they will not find a job that matches their personality, and leads to development opportunities. They are looking for employers that are a good fit and encourage personal growth.

To connect with top talent through employer branding, aim to be on the cutting edge of innovation. Generation Z is always up on the latest technology. They are the first digital natives, and smart employers should use that to their advantage.

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