SOSCO Malaysia Partners with BookDoc to Expand its Reach to All Malaysian Employees

July 29, 20168:57 am951 views

The Social Security Organisation of Malaysia (SOCSO), the statutory body responsible for social security schemes mandated for Malaysian employees, is partnering with BookDoc, an online healthcare platform which improves access to health care and enhances information transparency.

BookDoc enables SOCSO’s eligible members to access information of all its panel clinics and make online appointments for its Health Screening Program (HSP) anytime and anywhere.

With more than 6 million active members, SOCSO is equally committed to improving accessibility of health services to Malaysia’s working population, as well as encouraging more participation in its health screening program.

The HSP aims at promoting healthy lifestyles and identifying high risk groups of workers with lifestyle (non-communicable) diseases to improve retention of experienced workers and increase labour productivity for the economy.

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BookDoc, available through Apps and the Web, offers an easy-to-use interface which allows users to search and make appointments with healthcare professionals, including doctors, specialists, dentists, physiotherapists, among others.

Under this collaboration, eligible SOCSO members will be able to search, access information (e.g. phone number, address, operating hours) and schedule appointments with all SOCSO’s Panel Clinics and the HSP Panel Clinics and Mammogram Centres.

Moreover, users could take advantage of the navigation and the taxi-booking functions made available through deep-linking. This transformative partnership significantly broadens public online access to a wide network of healthcare institutions.

The BookDoc platform will now cover approximately 150 private hospitals and over 3,200 clinics in Malaysia. The confidence entrusted by the agency emboldens BookDoc to seek opportunities to replicate such partnership in neighbouring countries as it strives towards realising its vision to improve access to healthcare and optimising human capital.

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