Singapore Ranked the 8th Best City Globally for Women Entrepreneurs

July 19, 201710:28 am628 views

Recent Dell Women Entrepreneur Cities Index 2017 (WE Cities) report has crowned Singapore 8th place on the best city for women entrepreneurs globally. The study, which was compiled by Dell and HIS Markit, also ranked Singapore as the top city in Asia-Pacific on the list, Asia One reports.

Divided into operational environment and enabling environment, there are five criteria that were used in the rating:

  • Capital
  • Markets
  • Talent
  • Culture
  • Technology

Based on the scoring system, Singapore is placed 7th in terms of capital. This aspect measures both the frequency and value of funding received by aspiring women who start businesses, the proportion of funding for companies led by women (compared to that of men), as well as the capital base that women leader can draw on.

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Besides ranked 7th in capital, Singapore also ranked 6th in enabling environment, along with 5th in culture, and 10th in technology.

Meanwhile, amongst the top 10 cities in the list, New York City leads the best city for women entrepreneurs with Seattle securing the 10th position. Other countries in Asia Pacific regions included in the report are Hong Kong (16th), Kuala Lumpur (41st), Shanghai (44th), and Jakarta (50th).

Dell Women Entrepreneur Cities Index 2017 (WE Cities) report aims to measure of a city’s ability and effort to appeal and upkeep high potential women entrepreneurs, in which one of the focus is to accommodate women who want to grow and scale their business.

The 50 ranked cities were chosen for their reputation as established or emerging hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as geographic diversity.

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