SHRI and ISCA Enter into MoU for Training and Skills Development of HR and Accounting Professionals

October 19, 201611:25 am460 views

Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) and Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on broadening the skills sets of HR and accounting professionals.

Through this partnership, HR professionals will be offered training in accountancy while accounting professionals can learn skills in human resource development.

The ceremony was graced by guest of honour, Minister of State, Ministry of Manpower, Mr Teo Ser Luck. The MOU signing was followed by a Dialogue session with MOS Teo, on attracting and retaining talent, and the skills needed by the HR professionals and accountants of the future.

SHRI and ISCA are entering this partnership to connect community of HR professionals with a community of accounting professionals. Through this collaboration, both organisations intend to achieve greater synergies towards enhancing the standards of the HR and accounting professions through training, skills-development, thought-leadership and learning platforms.

SHRI will be developing customised training workshops on HR skills and transition programmes for ISCA members to switch to a HR career, while ISCA will develop relevant financial training workshops for HR professionals and SHRI members. Both organisations will jointly organise events to propel learning, knowledge-sharing and networking for their members.

President, SHRI, Mr Erman Tan said“Both HR and Accounting professionals are working towards the common goal of a healthy and successful company. When the two professions come together, their cooperation can lead to positive business outcomes such as higher employee productivity, engagement and corporate earnings. By combining the skills and strengths of the two professions, we can create leaders of the future.”

In this uncertain economic environment, it is crucial for both groups to up-skill, deep-skill and cross-skill, not only to stay relevant and competitive but also to steer their organisations to success. Our objective is also to enable people from diversified backgrounds to enter the HR profession and enrich their careers.

“With this collaboration with ISCA, SHRI looks forward to achieving great synergies towards developing a highly competent workforce, and towards building capabilities in Singapore to enable sustainable progression within the HR and accounting professions”.

President, ISCA, Mr Gerard Ee, said: “The strategic partnership with SHRI will enhance the capabilities and skillsets of both HR and accountancy professionals. Accounting professionals now have a pathway to develop capabilities in HR development, and, if they so wish, develop an alternative career as a HR professional.”

“As they assume more responsibilities in an organisation, having HR knowledge will be an advantage. Similarly, HR professionals will benefit from acquiring additional skills in accountancy and business. The collaboration will also help connect the HR community and the accounting community, allowing for cross-pollination of ideas and access to more opportunities.”

Additionally, SHRI and ISCA agree to collaborate, on a tripartite basis, with the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA), to jointly develop a framework for HR, Financial and Legal governance.


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