Self-Development: How to Keep Learning on Your Busy Schedule

April 24, 20185:30 pm822 views
Self-Development: How to Keep Learning on Your Busy Schedule

How is life going? Upon hearing the question, there are good chances that most working adults  would answer it in one brief word: busy.

It is unavoidable that the increasing demands of modern life has led to the increasing workload as well. In order to keep sane amidst a busy work schedule, it is crucial for you to maintain a good work-life balance. You try to perform your best at work while keeping your health, spending quality time for family and friends, doing light exercise, as well as doing your hobby. Not to mention, sometimes 24 hours in a day feels not enough when you have to work overtime.

However, as an individual who seeks for personal growth, you want to achieve and do more than just following the routine to develop both personal and professional quality. The problem lies in the fact that you barely have spare time to read books, attend a course or class, or other learning methods which take a lot of time.

Being busy at work can be a sign that you have dedication and commitment for your job. But devoting all your time to work is not enough. A true professional will never stop to learn even when he has a tight schedule. Then the question remains, how do you make some time to enrich your knowledge when you barely have no time to eat lunch? Here’s how:

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Learning through leisure

Taking a break is important to keep you fresh and wise. That being said, you should not eliminate leisure time from your schedule during weekend or day-off. While you cannot sacrifice refreshing time to study, choosing the right leisure type which contains educational contents can be a great idea. You might want to spend your time watching motivational movies that can boost your spirit. Those kind of movies are worth to watch as you will not only enjoy the story, but also get insight from it. Visiting historic sites or museums is also a good idea to gain knowledge while having a vacation.

Watch meaningful videos

Thanks to the advancements of technology, the internet has made it easier for busy individuals to acquire new skills and knowledge without going anywhere. By browsing through YouTube, you can find various valuable channels where you can learn about language, business, management, culture, and other topics delivered in concise and practical video. While this might sound trivial, watching such videos cannot only refresh your mind, but also give you meaningful information.

Use audio learning

Audio learning is also practical way to learn new things in your busy schedule. While you do your dishes or laundry, you can plug in your earphone and play the podcasts of something you want to learn about. You can also listen to such audio courses on the train or during your walk to the office. Fitness or jogging is also the right time to implement this learning method.

Connect with people

To make your learning efforts in busy schedule more effective, you should make friends with those who can support that intention. You can connect with people who share the same interests as yours, such that you can exchange handy information with each other.

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