Salesforce for HR technology to Transform Employee Engagement

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Salesforce for HR technology to Transform Employee Engagement
Salesforce for HR technology drives employee engagement

Salesforce introduces a new set of HR solutions to transform employee engagement. This new system will empower companies to connect with employees in a whole new way by providing social and mobile experiences on Salesforce’s proven expertise platform.

The Salesforce for HR platform includes Appirio, Jobscience, Deloitte, Lumesse and others, along with support from leading global brands such as St. Joseph Health, The Warranty Group and KeyBank to name a few.

The Salesforce for HR tool introduced by World’s #1 CRM company, Salesforce is an employee engagement tool that helps deliver “personalized experiences to empower employees, and provides the data and insights organizations need to attract, manage and retain the best and brightest talent.”

Considering the recent changes in consumer expectations and demands, its more important than ever before for companies to recognise the information appetite of employees and understand means to boost employee engagement at work places.

“Companies are creating game-changing customer engagement by reimagining what’s possible through the power of cloud, social, mobile and data science technologies,” said Alex Dayon, president of products, Salesforce.

Dayon continued, “With Salesforce, they can bring the same transformation to their own employees. Salesforce for HR will uniquely enable them to connect with their employees like never before.”

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Built on cloud foundation, the Salesforce for HR, employee success platform integrates social, mobile and data science technologies bolsters employee engagement practices within an organisation. “Salesforce for HR complements existing HCM and HRMS implementations by delivering a system of engagement that helps companies connect with their employees in a whole new way.”

With tools such as Salesforce for HR, employees are empowered to communicate, collaborate and make informed decision with less friction. With 1:1 engagement ratio, the Salesforce for HR empowers executives to harness the full potential of analytics and drive informed personnel decisions as with regards to journey of an employee – from on-boarding to development by delivering experiences at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

You can also create employee communities to cultivate a culture of collaboration with subject matter experts, colleagues, and leadership across all facets of the company.

“The core components of Salesforce –- cloud objects, workflows, communities, collaboration, and analytics –- can be applied to many areas of the enterprise, and we’re increasingly seeing customers build custom apps beyond pure CRM (today enterprise customers can provide chatter to all employees). This should make it easier for [Salesforce] to do it in the HR space,” Rebecca Wettemann, vice president at Nucleus Research was quoted by TechCrunch.

The HR Help Desk powered by Service Cloud helps deliver personalised experiences to employees by providing HR teams with a unified 360-degree employee view to understand employee problems and derive solutions faster.

The Salesforce HR Analytics helps leaders and the top management to make smarter talent retention decisions with key performance indicators and productivity metrics. Leaders can now gather employee insights and proactively engage them to achieve business objectives, from the convenience of any device.

Salesforce for HR is also a strategic management tool that helps leaders build and deploy mobile apps that will monitor employee productivity and direct energies to increase productivity at work. Considering the company’s business process model, proactive employee engagement strategies can be deployed to intertwine productivity with fun at work.

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