Protecting Employees from the ‘Stare and Glare’ of the Computer Screens All Day

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In this fast paced digital era, the workforces of today are required to be glued to their mobile devices – ranging from laptops, notebooks, and smartphones to other digital gadgets. This causes excessive strain on the eye. Continued exposure to the computer glare for long hours affects vision, causes dryness of eyes and other irritation symptoms.

Increased use of computers in the workplace has significantly contributed to an alarming increase in the eye health concerns of employees. Employees on desk-jobs, who are required to work on computers all day, report eye-stress related symptoms such as ocular discomfort, muscular strain and blurred vision. Due to increased exposure to the computer screen, many employees experience computer vision syndrome, types of eye and vision problems.

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This syndrome can affect the employee’s eye health, and further lead to more serious vision associated problems in the future. Before things get out of control resulting in  increased absenteeism of employees, HR managers are required to conduct periodic eye-health check up camps and protect employees eye health. Here are some initiatives that could be implemented:

  • Stress on the Importance to Stay Hydrated

Adequate water intake would help employees stay hydrated and support the metabolism process inside the body. Staying hydrated would further boost the overall health, it is also great to maintain eye health. HR managers should encourage employees to keep drinking water at regular intervals and keep themselves hydrated at all times to be able to function effectively.

  • Support Employees to take more breaks

Breaks are commonly perceived as slacking off responsibilities and most employers would not let this happen. Adequate breaks allow employees to unwind, make some time for relaxation for both their mind and body. Tasks that require employees to keep staring at the computer screen for elongated hours at a stretch is tiring. Employers should allow refractive-realignment break times, when employees could simply walk around the office or shut their eyes for a power nap.

  • Support Employees with more vitamins

Encouraging daily intake of vitamins is essential to maintain overall health and prevent any visionary symptoms. Vitamins A and other multi-vitamin supplements can be suggested by employers to be consumed regularly by employees to avoid any visionary defects or problems.

  • Recommend Eye Drops

Eye drops would help employees prevent eye strain, stress, itchiness and dryness of eyes. Since today’s workplaces are generally centralised air-conditioned facilities, it causes dryness and itchiness of eyes quite often.

An effective eye-drop could be recommended to help employees maintain eye health, while preventing cause and spread of any infections, due to dust and pollution in the environment.

  • Support Health Insurance Coverage, Especially for Eye Health

To prevent long-term visual health defects and problems for employees, besides regular eye health check-ups, employers should provide specific eye health coverage, anti-glare computer screens and supplements should be recommended to maintain the nutritional levels of employees.

Healthy employees with no visionary defects and sound mental-physical well being will be able to execute the daily functions optimally with no delays. A special concern for eye health is required by employers to create a great working environment wherein employees feel secure, cared and protected.

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