Professionals Crave for Lonesome Luncheons

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Lunch breaks give employees some time off from work to relax, exchange ideas with co-workers, share, collaborate and deal effectively with demanding workloads on the backdrop pacing your mind. As work gets demanding, employees should make utmost use of the lunch hours to step away from their desks for a while and look around.

However, a recent survey by Accountemps highlights interesting findings; the “lunch bunch” is no longer a reality for most workers today. When quizzed most professionals on how they spend their lunch breaks, startling 49 percent of accounting and finance professionals said they typically eat alone. Yet almost as many 46 percent said, they would rather have a co-worker join them for a meal.

What makes us wonder is the professional craving by the Generation next during lunch hours. What do they typically do during lunch break? What are your findings based on observation? How do you prefer having your lunch?

Bill Driscoll, a district president of Accountemps says,”Sharing a meal with co-workers not only strengthens business relationships, but creates a more relaxed environment for collaboration and the exchange of ideas.” The very concept of initiating a lunch break is to clear employees’ mind of all the clutter and allowing time for thought to seep in and delve better on ideas before implementation. They help broaden employee’s perspective especially during challenging business situations.

Respondents Do
What They 
Would Like to Do
Enjoy a meal by myself 49% 32%
Enjoy a meal with my coworkers 37% 46%
Run errands 33% 30%
Review my personal email 28% 20%
Peruse the Internet 24% 19%
Check out my social media networks 15% 12%
Exercise or go to the gym 10% 37%
Take a nap 3% 13%
*Multiple responses allowed.

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Rather than exercise or socialize the survey found that respondents more frequently surf the Internet (36 per cent), run errands (34 per cent) and check personal email (29 per cent) during their lunch break. A change of scenery to take some time-off can get your blood pumping to face new productivity challenges and tasks that seem impossible at onset. Plan your lunch time wisely as well to feel rejuvenated after mid-way through your day.


Here are some tips to learn from successful people on how they utilise their luncheons:

  • Incorporate humour at work. Lunch hours are not meant for serious discussions, while exchange of ideas with colleagues is always a productive step. But try indulging into some gaming, recreational activities or exercise at work. It can get your blood pumping.
  • Being tied to your desk only helps in expanding your waistline, and rarely results in getting productive work done.
  • Never schedule important meetings or conference calls right at lunchtime, since they typically block your 10 free minutes to reassess goals and shift priorities post lunch hour.
  • Take time to eat healthy and mindfully during lunch break. This also translates into eating slowly, appreciating the food and being fully present at the moment. Poor dietary choices for lunch will only impact health in the long run.
  • Lunch time is the best hour to evaluate the work done and tasks accomplished during mornings. Express gratitude for this morning happiness booster and pep up the momentum post the break to realign priorities for the day.

Most of it all, if your job is desk-based then stay away from all screens during lunch hour as much as possible – be it mobile, tablet, laptop, or any screen. Give your eyes a break and maybe take power naps to feel rejuvenated to make a fresh start mid-day. Happy afternoons!

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