Pointless Acts by HR Professionals: Stop Doing Them!

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HR professionals are normally required to perform certain tasks that are part of their responsibilities and duties, but if you rethink on the acts performed they are worth nothing. These are pointless acts performed by every professional, irrespective of their discipline that is completely unproductive by nature and outcome.

Then why do HR professionals still presume that all acts performed by them are remarkable indeed and are must-dos to attain organisational objectives. How do professionals in HR segregate important tasks from the unimportant ones without falling prey to fads? Here are some pointless activities on which, HRs normally end up contributing a lot more than the actual requirement of the need of the hour and such tasks are time consuming indeed.

  • Do not fall prey to HR fads

It is in the better interest of HR professionals to not get allured or tempted by super cool things to do only to get noticed. Do not buy promises of amazing performance gains and step-wise transformation in an organisation, which in actuality do not really materialise. These activities can make you wonder and look fool of yourself. You have to step away with co-dependent unhealthy relationship with fads.

  • Annual performance appraisals are time consuming

Imagine, only if you could befit the HR industry by banishing this traditional time consuming HR affair of annual performance appraisals forever. While people do need feedback on their productivity concerns and employees look forward to annual performance appraisals to understand issues and concerns about their performance.

However, many organisations wish they could do away with the annual rewarding scheme. This culture to a large extent seems to have seeped its roots deep into the HR philosophy of workings today. Are appraisals the only way out to deal with performance issues and motivate workforces?

  • Stop attributing fancy designations and titles to ordinary stuffs

Use simpler ways of addressing the employees by saying ‘people’ or ‘workforce’ which is easily understandable, instead of offering fancy designations and titles to employees and jobs, such as referring to the workforce by using words such as “human capital” or “organisational assets”. This is absolute non-requirement and irresponsible use of HR jargons.

This is again a form of fad now followed by HR professionals, under presumption to sound more appealing, uber cool and bigging up on what they do. Such bigging up efforts only end up damaging the professional sanctity and seriousness of the HR identity in an organisation.

Such human resource cadre tend to create confusion on workforce minds. Do we really need such irresponsible usage of words, just to sound knowledgeable?

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  • Stop idolising and self-applauding efforts

HR professionals do look upto veterans and leaders in the industry, who have left success trails behind. But do they really need to sound worshipping idols filling groaning shelves of bookshops talking about their successful ventures and in turn sharing these stories with staffers to be perceived in motivational light. This has contrary effect, instead of motivating employees on job, it does make them rethink if they are doing any better and will they be rewarded for their under accomplishments on job.

Hence, many times it’s advisable in the benefit of the organisation to not accept stories narrated by successful visionaries at their face value but with a pinch of salt. There is an increasing need for HR professionals to look through things what’s actually being presented in many cases, be it recruitment, talent management, training, employee engagement or elevating confidence levels of employees.

HRs should know to draw a fine line of difference between things that they should communicate to employees and those that are better kept to themselves. All you share reflects on your security concerns of being the trendsetter and game changer in an organisation. Think twice, the next time you start shooting out emails to employees, if this communication or an inspiring story will do any good at the end of it all.

  • Do not believe numbered lists

If you are amazed by the authoritative command and impact, numbered lists leave on the HR professional’s mindsets then the figures are quite startling. There is a lot of rubbishing about the real numbers, which are all made up to falsify facts in the process of quantifying data.

Do not believe these lists, but be guided at all times by your innate knowledge of the industry and stay abreast of the trends to set new benchmarks of success by being really innovative. This will help you be perceived in a positive light and looked upto by the industry as key personnel, instrumental for change.

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