Pig Fortune in 2019: What Does the Chinese New Year Say about Your Career?

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Chinese New Year is around the corner. What does it mean? It means another happy time for you to celebrate all your hard work from last year, enjoy a well-deserved rest, and spend more time with your loved ones. You might also want to spend the Lunar New Year with your colleagues while making it to be the year of another change in your career journey. Likewise, are you curious of what kind of lucks you will receive this year?

Here is your Pig Luck prediction according to Travel China Guide. Note that the calendar used is based on Chinese lunar calendar (month/day/year).  

January (02/05/2019 – 03/06/2019)

The fortune for people of Chinese zodiac pig at the beginning of the year is not very ideal. So, advice for people who are born on January in the year of pig is to keep low profile in career and be tolerant toward colleagues. You should try to haggle over some trifles with co-workers. As for wealth, you should avoid high-risk investment.

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February (03/07/2019 – 04/04/2019)

It is predicted that there will be obstacle blocking individuals born on February in the year of Pig. However, there will always a way out with the help of some experts. It is suggested that you should put more efforts in your works. Thus, you can gain great improvements in your career and obtain appreciation from your superiors. For the money prediction, Feb-people need to save a lot in case of big amount expenses.

March (04/05/2019 – 05/04/2019)

Pig luck in March could be quite favourable. As predicted, leaders can have a full show and give employees a chance to charge in a team. Even so, it is still a necessary to keep a moderate attitude with colleagues.

April (05/05/2019 – 06/02/2019)

There could be health issue and personal safety during this month. Therefore, it is suggested that females should pay attention to their body more. Make sure to take medical treatment in standard hospitals instead of irregular clinics. And for males, they should avoid physical conflicts to prevent getting injured.

May (06/03/2019 – 07/02/2019)

In the fifth lunar month of 2019, physical condition is still a big concern. Thus, individuals who have high-risk jobs should do their jobs with full protection and should be in a good condition. For low-risk jobs, it is predicted that there might be a labor disputes. So, once it happens, employees should safeguards their rights and interest through legal approach.

June (07/03/2019 – 07/31/2019)

In the month of June, Chinese zodiac Pig should have a strong desire to make purchase and make ends meet. It will be a bit hard. Therefore, to avoid wasting money, it is suggested to buy less clothes, go to beauty parlor less, and travel less. Working hard to increase incomes is also needed.

July (08/01/2019 – 08/29/2019)

Seventh lunar month is predicted to be a hard time, especially for interpersonal relationship. In a company, there might be quarrel between colleagues and superiors over some disagreements. Investors and partners of the firm might also feel unhappy with the collaboration. Hence, you should be careful and plan for unexpected things that might happen.

August (08/30/2019 – 09/28/2019)

Your company might recruit more professionals which means you will face intense competitions at workplace. Worst is, it is predicted that there will be layoff because of your pale working. Besides that, there might also be adjustment and you’ll need to learn some unfamiliar things in a short time.

September (09/29/2019 – 10/27/2019)

Based on the prediction, individual with Pig sign born on September should pay more attention in their love life. For their career, the progress might be stagnant or decrease. Therefore, it needs a great attention from both couples to put great effort in their works for more incomes for the family.

October (10/28/2019 – 11/25/2019)

People with Pig sign might feel an extreme stress because they compare themselves with others. Hence, the key is to find your own strategy to have a peace of mind. Reading books can also be a good medicine as it will not only increase knowledge, but also make your spare time meaningful. And remember, you are not alone. It will be wiser to seek advice from family or friends.

November (11/26/2019 – 12/25/2019)

There could be pressure especially from your job based on the prediction in 2019. It is suggested that you should leave your desk for a while, take a vacation for a total relaxation, and return to workplace in a confident manner. This way, you can completely focus and develop your career growth.

December (12/26/2019 – 01/24/2019)

According to Chinese zodiac prediction, the last of lunar month might not be smooth for individuals of Pig sign. Everything will seem difficult and sometimes there might be ‘mean people’ playing tricks on you. Advice you should take is to keep low profile in company and try maintain the status quo.

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