Pet-Friendly Company in India

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Pet-Friendly Company in India
Pet-Friendly Company in India

The hardest part of living alone with your pet is when you have to say your goodbye to them to leave for work. Fortunately, you won’t have to separate from your pet while being at the office, if you are working in one of these companies. These Indian animal-friendly companies allow their employees to bring a pet to work, and even if you do not have one, you still can play with the office animal as most of the following companies have rescued stray cats and dogs. 

Without more ado, here are the most pet-friendly offices around India.


InMobi is one of many successful unicorn startups that allows pets at work. As mentioned in their new job opening in Bangalore, InMobi promised its workers that they can bring the kids and pets to work. They also provide free food, daily meals, gym site, yoga classes, cutting-edge training and tools, cocktails, etc. Due to this pet-friendly policy, workers at InMobi constantly bring their pets to work, especially on the weekends. 

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Founded by Richa and Puneet Manuja, Yourdost is an online counselling startup. In their Terms of Services, Yourdost does not only give full attention to its customers but also the employees. The company’s primary concern is not only about making customers happy but the company wants to make sure that everyone in the office stays happy as well, said one of Yourdost employees, Ananya – and that includes allowing pets in the office building.

Home Raaga

Home Ragaa is a real estate startup that comes with 12 cats and 4 dogs in their home office since many of its employees are an animal lover. Besides, many Home Raaga employees believe that an office filled with animals can be such a stress reliever. 

Rang De 

Rang De owns one office dog named Berry. After being rescued by one of Rang De employees, Berry is staying there and diligently plays with in-house employees. Rang De company also decided to adopt the pet-friendly policy due to its employees who experienced serious carving for an in-house dog. 


Pennyful is a pioneer in the Indian cashback and discount coupons market which now has been recognised as a leading innovator in online shopping. The company has a dog around, named Zorro, which instantly brings joy to the office. Priya Stephen, a Pennyful employee, said that the company is a joyful place to work with dogs around, it creates camaraderie. Once employees were normally glued to their desks, now they take turn to pet or walk Zorro. 

CurleyStreet Media 

Curley Street is a Bangalore-based award-winning creative film production company focused on candid and emotional storytelling. With all the busy schedule, Curley Street currently adopts a pet-friendly environment to let employees enjoy their work more. Bono is one of the oldest dogs in the office. Bono is always the first one to arrive in the office to greet everyone and the last one to leave. 

Motostore cafe 

Motostore cafe is an animal-friendly biker cafe. Currently, they have a bunch of cats and dogs which usually are rescued from the streets. The pets are very friendly to customers and they can effortlessly mingle with the customers over a coffee. 


Zerodha is an Indian financial service company that offers retail and institutional broking, currencies, and commodities trading, mutual funds, and bonds. Since founded in 2010, the company has rescued stray dogs and pet them around the office. 

Cat Cafe Studio

Cat Cafe is founded by a community of cat lovers. It is now open for cat lovers and enthusiasts every day. Currently, Cat Cafe has more than 20 odd rescue cats that throng the place. Customers are encouraged to bring their own cats too. 

Animal-friendly shops 

Asides from the chosen pet-friendly companies above, there are other animal-friendly shops around India that is not only care about employees’ welfare but also their pets. The animal-friendly shops include Vivaldi’s Health and Foods, TimeForPet, PetDom, BarkNBond, Collarfolk, BarkLoat, Waggle, Doggie Dabbas, Dogsee Chew, and  The Paws Pack. 


If you are an avid pet lover too, you probably want to move to one of those companies. However, if you are still comfortable in your present job, why not try and ask your manager whether it is okay to bring your pet at work or not? Since many companies have adopted animal-friendly policy, there is a big chance that your manager will change their mind and let your furry friends come to your worksite.

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