Online Hiring Continues to Remain Slow in Singapore Despite Slight Increase in April’15

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Online Hiring Continues to Remain Slow in Singapore Despite Slight Increase in April’15
Online job hiring in Singapore continues to remain low, despite slight increase in April 2015

Indicating slight increase from March 2015, the online recruitment in Singapore continues to remain slow and is still in a state of overall decline in April 2015 as well. Latest findings by the Monster Employment Index (MEI) Singapore, recorded 8 percent decline in April 2015, as in comparison to April 2014.

However, there is a slight increase from March 2015 MEI findings that recorded 13% year-on-year decrease. Of all the 14 industry sectors covered in the report, the lowest growth was recorded in the consumer goods/FMCG, home appliances, food & packaged food and garments/textiles/leather sector.

Other industries were the gems & jewellery industry and the government/PSU/defence industry experienced negative growth rate at -16% and -11% respectively.The best performers according to MEI were from the educational, telecom, IT and BPO/ITES sectors that registered strong growth rate at 14% for the former and 4% latter respectively.

“For the fourth month since January 2015, the Monster Employment Index Singapore saw annual decline again. However, the rate of decline slowed down between March and April 2015,” said Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, (India, Middle East Southeast Asia and Hong Kong).

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With an increasing need for skilled educational professionals, Singapore is experiencing growing concern over issues of cyber security. Additionally, healthcare sector has also been witnessing an increase in online hiring activity in 2015, thanks to the demand for professionals engaged in research laboratory and technical sales of medical products and services.

Modi further adds, ““The volume of job advertisements in the Asian market on the whole has eased up, indicating cautious effort of recruiters to hire. A shortage of qualified and skilled candidates and higher salary demands has prompted this slowdown in hiring activity in the local market.”

The Monster Employment Index Singapore is a monthly gauge of online job posting activity, based on a real-time review of millions of employer job opportunities culled from a large representative selection of career Web sites and online job listings across Singapore.

This Index does not reflect the trend of any one advertiser or source, but is an aggregate measure of the change in job listings across the industry.

Across the 12 occupational groups monitored by the MEI, roles in software, hardware and telecom steered the growth trend positively for April 2015 and recorded 14 percent year-on-year increase. The IT and IT related industries are the only activity registering positive numbers this year.

The second winning lead is led by the real estate segment recording a -4% year-on-year increase. Purchase, logistic and supply roles showed the lowest growth trend at -11%, followed by engineering/production and marketing & communications at -10% both.

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