New Institute to Help HR Professionals Build a Happier and More Productive Workplace

October 5, 201711:23 am1080 views

Named as OrgDev Institute (ODi), a new institute aiming to help human resource professionals with the new DNA of employees and emerging technology challenges was launched on September.

The institute was founded by 10 industry leaders in HR, training, and employee behaviour from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States. It will provide HR practitioners from across the globe with best of advanced tools and solutions to create happier and more productive workforce amidst today’s rapidly changing talent pool.

Chief Development Officer for ODi John Belchamber stated that artificial intelligence (AI) and the growing digitally-driven workforce had created a myriad of challenges that have changed roles and responsibilities required to be HR professionals. HR practitioners must have high quality resources that cover the area of employee engagement, skills training, wellness programs and psychological assessment of the workforce.

Providing evidence-based and up-to-date resources, employees can reap the benefits of ODi membership to enhance their capacity to adapt and deliver the type of relevant and impactful organisational development material. With this powerful resource needed to thrive in the business for now and into the future, HR professional will ensure that their role is recognised as critical to the organisations’ success.

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The OrgDev Institute members enjoy a vast range of resources, training throughout the year and benefits that will make a lasting contribution to their own development and the organisations they work for. It also provides members with the latest industry insights and discounts to tools covering:

  • Organisational Resilience and Positive Psych
  • Psychometric Profiling
  • Measurement and Habit Creation
  • Engagement Surveys and Insights
  • Lean Continuous Improvement
  • Training and Microlearning

Mr Belchamber also underlined the importance of having happy, healthy, and productive people to ensure an effective and talented team. However, while companies globally have invested around $130 billion on training and development, they often fail to deliver the learning experience that is yearned for by today’s workforce or necessary for the workplace of the future. Therefore, sourcing effective strategies that can improve employee retention over extended periods of time can reduce recruiting, induction training, as well as operational costs.

The OrgDev Institute is represented in seven countries across the globe, including in Australia, New Zealand, The United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia.

For more details on the OrgDev Institute or make inquiries about membership, interested organisation can visit  Membership is open to Internal HR teams, people and culture managers, OD consultants and HR Business Partners that meet specific criteria. Internal HR or People Development practitioners need to be in an organisation with at least 200 FTEs and either have a degree or a minimum of five-years-experience and at least one industry qualification.

HR, human capital and OD consultants need to have a registered business or work for a professional services firm offering advisory services and have a degree in HR or a related field, or have a minimum of five-years-experience and at least one industry qualification.

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