Must-Have Checklist for Hiring Managers

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Every hiring manager would like to recruit a superior and talented workforce. This checklist compiled below will help you systematize your hiring operations, be it the case of a first employee or many employees that your company plans to be hiring soon.

Before you jet set-off hiring spree operations, it is important for you to keep track of your recruiting efforts. This checklist will help you keep a track of progress in hiring – both from the recruitment front and from hiring manager’s perspective to accelerate efforts.

  • Think creatively about how to get work done without adding onto more staffers. This could include effective division of work, delegation of responsibilities, and eliminate work that you don’t need to execute etc..
  • Hold a recruitment planning meet with HR leader, hiring manager and the recruiter to understand the recruiting efforts required in a strategic direction to hire the best talent.
  • Determine the need for succession planning, creation of a new or replacement of an existing position
  • Prioritise the key requirements from a position to include: specific qualifications, traits and experiences. This will help your HRD to post ads effectively on job sites to target the potential talent.
  • With assistance from the human resource department, define the job description accurately and with complete clarity on the subject.
  • Define salary range for the particular job position
  • Decide if the department can afford hiring employees for the position.

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  • Post the “vacancy” internally on the “Job Opportunities” bulletin job board and anticipate difficulty in finding the suitable hire for the position internally within the company, hence there arises a need to look outside and post the job vacancy ads on job board to recruit talent.
  • Send a company e-mail to all staffers on the vacancy being created and encourage qualified, talented and diverse talent pool to apply for the position.
  • Interested internal candidates should fill in the internal application form for the position
  • With consent of the reporting manager, you can schedule an internal interview to understand candidate’s potentials and skills sets for the vacant job role.
  • The interviews should be held with complete clarity on both sides regards factors such as – technical qualifications, cultural fit, customer responsiveness and knowledge.
  • If internally interviewed candidates did not clear the screening rounds, then it is important to communicate to the employees that their candidature couldn’t be processed further at this point in time.
  • When possible, kindly provide feedback to talented employees such that they improvise on their skills to be upgraded with latest technology and you can use this talent to help grow in their career with the company.
  • If an internal candidate is selected for the job role, make a written job offer that include new designation and salary. Agree on a transition timeline with the candidate’s supervisor internally.
  • Network and post jobs on social media and ask employees to publicize about the vacant job opening and seek for referrals.

Information negotiation often leads to bring the organisation and candidate into an agreement and construct a viable deal. Follow this check-list diligently to accelerate your business hiring efforts.

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