LTA Launched a Handbook on Worksite Practices

September 5, 201711:51 am2298 views

A 43-page manual entitled Workplace Safety, Health and Environmental Good Practices was launched by Land Transport Authority (LTA) yesterday. Compiling 30 innovative solutions to solve challenges commonly occurred at the worksite, LTA is hoping contractors can learn best worksite practices from the book.

Contractors can download an e-copy of the handbook using a QR code, which will be printed on biannual safety newsletters distributed to contractors. From the handbook, contractors can learn further safety requirements at work, such as pasting stickers on safety helmets, identifying skillsets needed to be a construction worker, and setting up an on-site training schools for hands-on learning.

These examples of good practices are drawn from LTA’s contractors, who had gone the extra mile in order to achieve and implement safety and environmental excellence.

Announcing the handbook launch, LTA chairman Alan Chan spoke at 19th Annual Safety Award Convention and urged contractors to adopt the best worksite practices in an attempt to enhance safety standards, Straits Times reports.

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Not only boosting workplace safety, the handbook also features solutions to reduce environmental impact in LTA projects, such as tunneling for a new MRT line.

One example can be found in the retractable noise enclosure created by Daewoo Engineering & Construction for the construction of Thomson-East Coast Line’s Stevens station and tunnels. The enclosure is installed at the opening of the tunnel shaft – which is where the tunnel-boring machine is lowered into and launched from – and thus can help reduce noise emission.

Additionally, since the cover is retractable, it enables the machine to be easily lifted out and reconfigured without the need to disassemble the noise enclosure.

Associate Professor Goh Yang Miang of the National University of Singapore’s Department of Building gave his words of testimony on the LTA’s handbook: “It is a good reference and benchmark, which can possibly influence the actual practices at LTA worksites.”

He emphasised that the key challenge is the next step – “to motivate contractors to adopt these practices”, added Prof Goh.

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