Ideas to Celebrate International Friendship Day at Workplace

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Imagine a life without having a friend or working without a workmate! How does it feel? Most likely it will feel empty, right? That’s why celebrating international friendship day is needed.

International friendship day, also known as International Day of Friendship, is celebrated officially on 30th July. The friendship day was originally proposed by the greeting-card company Hallmark in 1919 as a day for friends to exchange cards. Then, in April 2011, the United Nations declared July 30 as International Day of Friendship which is aimed to strengthen amity between peoples and cultures. The icon of this day is about reminding ourselves of how valuable a friend is.

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Time is the most important aspect. Therefore, the first and foremost gift you can give to your friends is your time. You should dedicate your time to remark friendship day as a happy memory by enjoying a sip of coffee on a coffee shop or a trip to the beach with your team. 

Here are some other ideas you can adopt.

Sleepover at workplace – You might have taken overtime and stay awake at the office to finish a project with your friend. But it is all about a work-related matter. Now, you can dedicate a sleepover in the workplace just to strengthen the bond between employees. You can try games too during the sleepover.

Office camping – If many of your workmates enjoy nature and outdoor things, you can plan to have a camping with your team.

Exchange gifts or cards – One of the remarkable activities on International Friendship Day is exchanging gifts or cards. You can show that you care about your workmate by giving useful gifts such as a mug with your portrait, bag, or something your workmate needs the most. You can also exchange cards reminding your friends that they are important.

Song for buddies – Song can sometimes be an escape when we are tired or bored. It will be remembered well. So, why not try to create a song for your friends?

Friendship bracelet – You can get or create a high-end friendship bracelet for your friends to let them know that you care.

Poetry or art – If you love writing a poem or drawing a self-portrait, it will be a good idea to create one of these or both, to your workmates.

Party or dinner – A special way to celebrate friendship day on a busy schedule if by organising a party of dinner with teams. You can either do it in the office or outside such as a hotel, beach, or restaurant.

There are many other ideas to celebrate International Friendship Day at the workplace such as making posters, watching a movie, remembering old memories, having lunch outside, or sharing thoughts and views. The important thing is, and again, to be together.

So, how do you celebrate friendship day in your office?

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