HR Trend Next: Talent Management on Smartphone

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HR Trend Next: Talent Management on Smartphone
Katherine Jones supports the idea of HR talent management on smartphones

According to a recent study conducted on Human Capital Management (HCM) solution providers, nearly 93 percent surveyed support the idea of HR talent management on smartphones and many of these have started prioritising “mobile first” as the platform to find suitable hires.

The applications designed for mobile help leverage specific functionality of the Smartphone and provide more personalised bit-sized information at your finger tips.

Since the cost of smartphones has decreased in recent years, workforce management apps have become attractive business proposition for many companies and hiring managers on the go.

Also developing applications for smartphones have become a lot easier, hence software vendors are focusing on developing apps embedded with workforce management features. This is further strengthened by the demand from end-user segment, which is technologically savvy to understand what they can do with their devices.

This awareness helps companies to think more strategically about using Smartphone cameras and GPS tracking tools to assess productivity of the remote workforce.

“Talent acquisition applications have been among the most desired mobile function sought by end-users, and vendors are responding to that demand,” said Katherine Jones, Ph.D., vice president, HCM Technology research, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP said.

Jones added, “Such talent acquisition applications might include submitting job applications, uploading supporting information such as a resume, and requesting hiring manager approval. These enhancements can help an approver make a more informed hiring decision. This year, onboarding joined hiring management as a key area of interest for Smartphone application providers.”

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On boarding is a critical tool that helps facilitate new hire engagement, early path to increased job production and almost reduces attrition rate significantly. On boarding support is an area indicating greatest projected growth for development of talent management applications by vendors.

However, according to Bersin by Deloitte research, “It found that little process innovation exists in Smartphone applications.”

Jones added, “Smartphone applications tend to be created to do what was done on computers and in much the same way. While the portability and increased accessibility are important, today’s technology often just makes existing and familiar computing applications easier to use.”

The in-pocket applications on mobile offer much handy support to professionals and employers alike.

In a blog post, Jones says, “Today’s vendors offer mobile solutions well-equipped to provide a positive experience for job applicants in seeking positions and applying for them with their mobile devices. These solutions can streamline the application process, potentially providing a positive experience for HR and the hiring managers as well. It is the ease of use, tabulation of relevant metrics, and efficiencies gained that can make a business impact through the use of smartphones.”

Stating HR trend next on Smartphone computing, Jones noted that ,HR professionals are likely to find increasingly sophisticated mobile applications covering all aspects of HR that are now confined to “tethered” platforms, such as desk-bound technology.

With the market becoming inundated with a diverse array of mobile devices and wearables (e.g. smart watches) Smartphone use for human capital management is likely to be just the first step to more portable, accessible and lower-cost workforce management.

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