Looking for Job Change? Here are 5 HR Job Themes of the Future

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Looking for Job Change? Here are 5 HR Job Themes of the Future
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COVID-19 has altered the course of the business market and it has led to a large-scale reshuffling of priorities and accelerated the adoption of technology and automation. Predictions of what jobs will be most-needed have also shifted, with some entirely new roles emerging as well. 

According to Cognizant survey, the common trend among these jobs is making good HR’s promise to connect people and business strategy to the new, exciting future of work. This should be done by amplifying what the greatest asset of any business does best: be human. The survey also highlights that the pandemic year is HR’s moment of truth to lead organisations in navigating the future of work and preparing employees for the next decade. Likewise, Cognizant has tracked five key themes in their HR jobs of the future described as follows: 

1- Wellbeing  

With the growth of digital economy and always-on culture, wellbeing is evermore important. Going forward, Cognizant predicts this motivation will crop up in a number of specific roles, such as Chief Purpose Planner or Workplace Environmental Architect. These two roles will require an individual’s ability to carry out a healthy and nurturing workplace environment. 

2- Organisational trust  

Trust has become one of main drivers for a company to hold tight top achievers. And as more and more work is conducted virtually, HR will also need to step in at every level to ensure trust and security remains intact between colleagues. Roles like Algorithm Bias Auditor or Human Bias Officer will have an essential part to play. HR with these roles focusing on organisational trust will work to foster a sense of inclusivity and belonging in the workplace, ensuring all employees are treated fairly. 

3- Creativity and innovation  

Cognizant points out that in the post-coronavirus world, everything that can go virtual, will go virtual. Hence, roles such as WFH Coordinator and VR Immersion Counselors will address this transition. In addition, professionals who can come up with creative solutions and innovate around work will be in-high demand. In short, HR jobs will not only be about dealing with technology but the HR team in the future should also master soft skills, such as creativity, to keep employees engaged, performing and motivated. 

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4- Data literacy  

Human Network Analysts are expected to emerge along with HR Data Detective. This rise of data literacy job theme in HR is because the value of data in enterprises is multifold. Moreover, the Uni4Life Coordinator will be needed to operate software that tracks data on how employees learn best then utilise algorithms to match them to courses. With large amounts of working days conducted online, it will be easier than ever to gather data thus it will be essential than  ever to master data literacy. 

5- Human and machine partnerships 

In Cognizant survey, the most in-demand HR job no.12 is Human-Machine Teaming Manager who will oversee an interaction system through which humans and machines mutually communicate their capabilities, golas, and intentions. The survey also cited that the future of work depends on humans and machines working in lockstep as more and more technology will be available in the workplace. 

Full list of HR job of the future  

With the five key themes above, new roles in HR will emerge. HR will not only be responsible in handling and managing humans but also is required to be voluble and critical in these new landscapes: 

1. Mid- to high-tech within 5 years job roles 

  • Strategic HR Business Continuity-Director 
  • Chatbot and Human Facilitator 
  • HR Data Directive 
  • Algorithm Bias Auditor 
  • Human Bias-Officer 
  • WFH Facilitator 
  • Future of Work Leader 
  • Climate Change Response Leader 

2. Mid- to high-tech within 10 years job roles 

  • Genetic Diversity Officer 
  • VR Immersion Counselor 
  • Human-Network Analyst 

3. Low- to mid-tech within 5 years job roles 

  • Second Act Coach
  • Gig Economy Manager 
  • Human Machine Teaming Manager 
  • Uni4Life Coordinator 
  • Head of Business Behaviour 

4. Low- to mid-tech within 10 years job roles 

  • Distraction Prevention Coach 
  • Chief Purpose Planner 
  • Director of Well-Being 
  • Employee Enablement Coach 

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