How to Keep and Achieve Your 2019 Resolution

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Are you still working on your New Year’s resolution? Many said that New Year means New Me. Interestingly, experts find that New Year’s resolution are, just like rules, meant to be broken. According to a poll by YouGov in BBC, about one in five people came up with a set of resolutions on 1 January. It later found that most of them will likely to give up on their resolution as early as 10 January.

Similarly, a study by Psychology Today revealed that 80 percent of New Year’s resolution will likely to fail by February. Some of the reasons include your goals might be not clear enough, you feel overwhelmed, you feel discouraged, or you are not ready to change.

While some people might think that writing New Year’s resolution is nothing more than just a tradition, having a resolution is a good thing nonetheless. It can change your workstyle, life, habit, and even your relationship with others. Therefore, if you still want to make your resolution comes true, here are tips to make it happen.

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#1 Focus on one that you feel important/right

Pick one and focus, that’s how you get things done. According to a study, being a multitasker can actually hinder productivity. It is because of the accumulated time you waste when switching between one task and another. Researchers on the study noted significant time costs can grow when tasks become more complex. Thus, multitasking inhabits overall efficiency. So, if you have a list of resolution goals hanging on your wall, it is better to pick the most important ones. Complete it first, then change to the others. Organising your resolution priority can help make it easier to achieve.  

#2 Create plans to achieve your revolution

Only an idea won’t get you all the way to success. You need to create ways to achieve it. Whatever you are trying to complete, firstly, you should create a better habit. Charles Duhigg, a Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and author of Smarter Faster Better, suggested a better way of living by breaking down habit into 3 parts: a cue, a routine, and a reward.

For example, you have a bad habit of not getting enough sleep. In this case, the Cue is you feel the need of finishing job as soon as possible, the Routine is you stay up all night to finish your work; then the Reward is you got good recognition from your boss and colleague. Meanwhile, the way to change is by rescheduling your time or making better time management instead of working day and night at office and home. This way, you can spend more of your valuable time with family.

#3 Leap your way through hurdles

No matter how hard you tried, it is a general fact that ‘change is hard’. Yet, you are there against something that might never be changed. So, before hurdles get in your way, you should jump over them. If it is too much and far to go, you should focus on what you’ve achieved. If you try to be positive with your goal but it didn’t work, you should think realistically and positively. If you cannot stick to your plan, find ways to have a more flexible plan. No matter how hard you try, there must be something that can always hold you back. Therefore, you should be smart enough to find solution. Reading or seeking advice can give you a way out.

#4 Find a community

It is your resolution goal, but it does not mean that you have to do it alone. You can find a like-minded people who can help you keep motivated. A community can also support you when you are down at the moment. Mr. Duhigg said that support groups can help because they are a social community that can reinforce and has features examples of people who have changed.

#5 Fail, start fresh

If you fail on your first try, all you need to do is take a rest and rise again. After all, change is not an instant gratification. You have to keep in mind that New Year resolution does not mean you can only do it on January. You can always start fresh on February, on your birthday, or any day. First make yourself ready, then give it another go.

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