Hassle-free Interview Scheduling Solution for HR Professionals: HireVue Coordinate™

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HireVue Coordinate™ is the only no-hassle, rules-based interview coordinating solution that crawls and presents the best options for candidates and managers automatically across an organization.

Coordinate works with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and Google’s Gmail to automatically crawl and organize schedules, people preference and location availability, even taking into account interview priority and sequence — to build even the most complex interview schedules in less than 30 seconds.

Researches prove that 50 percent of all interviews are rescheduled at least once. HireVue Coordinate addresses this time-consuming task head on, providing immediate two-way scheduling using attendees’ actual calendars without requiring a user to opt in.

Using priority, sequencing and schedule logic, the product’s rules-based engine can fill one interview time slot or plan a full day of interviews automatically in 30 seconds or less. Inevitable rescheduling is also a frictionless experience for both candidates and managers.

“Interview scheduling is the Achilles heel of any candidate and hiring manager experience. It’s hard, takes just as much time to schedule as it does to conduct interviews and most importantly causes recruiters to be admins not talent advisors,” explains Mark Newman, Founder and CEO, HireVue.

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Newman added: “In launching Coordinate, we aren’t looking to just fix scheduling; we are closing the loop on creating an incredible candidate and manager recruiting experience that moves at the speed of light. The HR Top Product award again validates HireVue’s ongoing mission to enable companies to build and coach the world’s best teams and to be the leading innovator in HR technology today.”

“HireVue Coordinate has removed the time hassle of scheduling interviews, and allows our recruiters time to focus on candidates, ultimately helping us build our teams nearly 70 percent faster,” shares Molly Weaver, Director of Talent Acquisition, Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Weaver further explains, “We looked for a long time for an interview scheduling tool and HireVue Coordinate is the best solution we’ve seen in the market. Our hiring managers really love the convenience and our candidates love being able to schedule themselves for interviews, which helps add to an incredible candidate experience.”

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