Sharing Sessions: HR Forum Professionals Should Join

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Sharing Sessions: HR Forum Professionals Should Join
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HR practitioners often stumble upon current issues that do not have an answer in any textbooks. This could be frustrating when the very issue occurs at the company you are working for. The best place to turn to for those answers is your peers, either internally within your organisation or externally through HR groups. By getting yourself involved in HR communities, you can find a vast array of HR-related discussions, forums, social range from board discussions to specific software, from job opportunities to mentoring. 

Through HR forums, you can learn from industry experts and share insight as other HR professionals discuss the trials, difficulties, and joys of their careers. Here are active HR forums to give you a spectacular opportunity to gain support and offer advice, while you can contribute as well in the community.

Trusted by nearly two millions of HR professionals globally, becomes one of the most active HR manager forums with weekly posts. It is more than just a discussion group as it also contains plenty of tools for discerning HR professionals. You can find a wide selection of discussion such as upcoming webinars, events, member connection communities, and so forth. 

Labor Law Talk 

Labor Law Talk is specially designed for employers, managers, and human resources. The site is active with semi-weekly posts and offers stellar legal information for HR managers. If you are looking at a specific legal issue in your firm, Labor Law Talk is the ideal place to bounce ideas off other professionals. 


CiteHR might provide you with fewer posts than some other forums but there is a lot of human resources industry networking going on. CiteHR also appreciated its members by dedicating a space to recognise the best members which are updated weekly. Partnering with like-minded HR representatives and sharing industry insights and knowledge will be easier with CiteHR. While many of the members of this board are located in India, the laws and legal issues discussed in the comments stem from an international perspective so you don’t have to worry about being unable to follow the discussion. 

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People Geeks 

If you are passionate about employee feedback and want to incorporate it into more of your company’s policies, you are most likely to find People Geek useful. The channel is for HR professionals, recruiters, and even business leaders like CEOs to discuss and give each other feedback on an issue discussed. Members of the People Geeks community also arrange in-person meetups every once in a while. What a great way to learn how to champion employees within your business, right? 

Employee Benefits & Human Resources 

If you are an employee benefit professional or want to learn more about how to administer benefits effectively, Employee Benefits & Human Resources is a great group to join. The discussions revolve around human resource topics like benefits, wellness, healthcare, insurance (including reform), and many more. The group has members from HR, insurance, accountants, and attorneys, thus you will get a wide range of viewpoints. 

CHRM Global 

CHRM Global forum is just one portion of a portal filled with resources and tools for HR professionals. The topics of discussion vary, including personal development, coaching and mentoring, HR administration, training and education, recruitment and staffing, performance management, etc. 

SAP Community

SAP Network Forum is a question-answer-based forum for human resource management. Questions regarding ERP (enterprise resource planning), human resource management, development, and implementation are discussed widely here. 

Project Management Community 

This community discussion forum lets HR professionals interact with other HR peers around the world. The forum also allows its members to ask questions, share insights and experiences, and develop best practices. 

HR Buzz

HR Buzz is an Australian-based HR forum that provides insights for students and professionals. Hence, this forum is suitable for you who want to leverage your interest or you who want to deepen HR career. Topic discussions include careers, recruitment, workplace safety, and technology. 

Govloop Human Resource Discussion

The Govloop forum has more than 200 topics and 400 replies to the day this article is made. The discussion is pretty challenging but it does not appear to be very active. With that said, the questions are intriguing and you might discover something you have not encountered yet before here. 

Linked: HR 

Linked: HR is among the largest HR professional groups on LinkedIn with nearly one million members. Professionals across all HR disciplines gather in this forum to discuss all HR matters, from employee benefits, recruiting and retention, diversity, employment law, legal documents, etc. 

HR Forum by HRCI and HRPA

This forum is among the most active HR groups. You can ask all topics regarding HR issues or workplace issues that you encounter. HR professionals in this forum come from varied geographies, industries, and disciplines, allowing you to know better about the HR world outside your hometown. The conversation section in this forum facilitates peer knowledge and experience sharing. The membership rate is growing by an average of 100 new members a day. 

SHRM Official Group

Nearly all HR professionals at least have heard the name of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). SHRM’s official group is an extension of the association’s core mission to be the global leader in serving and advancing the HR communities around the world. The forum provides education, thought leadership, certification information, community and advocacy. 

There are still plenty of HR forums on LinkedIn and on the web that you can explore. Those aforementioned are HR in Asia picks for today. Let us know ( if you have created an active HR forum and wanted it to be on the list. 

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