3 Christmas Gift Ideas for WFH Employees

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3 Christmas Gift Ideas for WFH Employees
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Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. Very much different from last year, this year we have to spend the holidays amidst an ongoing pandemic. Not only do we need to stay healthy by maintaining social distance, many office workers also need to juggle personal responsibilities along with roles as a home-based business owner or remote employees. 

Working from home during an outbreak has its own challenges. So, it is okay to take a step back, relax, and enjoy the moment of Christmas and New Year by sharing these gift ideas with your family, friends, or colleagues – especially those who are struggling working from home. 

1- Technology accessories  

Virtual offices can be frustrating when you do not have the tools. While some virtual offices provide work from home technologies or office budgets as part of the work from home policy, small businesses might have hard time to provide their employees with work from home technology. So, if you see your father, mother or sisters struggle in following virtual conferences, these gift ideas will be suitable for them: 

  • Wireless charging stations
  • Extra long charging cables 
  • Chic laptop bags or cases 
  • Screen protector 
  • Noise-blocking headphones 
  • Device sanitiser or cleaning kits 
  • Cord organisers 
  • Lighting kit 

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2- Relaxation kits

Some work-from-home workers might experience tough times if this is their first time working remotely. So, to reduce the stress they experience, sending stress reduction kits is the next best thing. Stress reduction kits are care packages full of items that help remote employees unwind and cope with tension, including: 

  • Subscription to a meditation app like Calm or Headspace 
  • Self-help and motivational books 
  • Aromatherapy oils, especially lavender 
  • Stress balls and fidget pens 
  • Healthy snacks like nuts or pea crisps 
  • Massagers 
  • Aromatherapy candles 
  • Blanket hoodie 
  • Aromatherapy plants like lavender or jasmine 
3- Exercise equipment  

Without a commute or an office to stride through, telecommuters tend to get less exercise than average workers. Thus, to encourage healthier habits, sending exercise-related gifts can be the best choice: 

  • Yoga mats and blocks 
  • Inflatable ball
  • Handheld weights 
  • Steel water bottle 
  • Virtual exercise classes 
  • Fitness trackers 
  • Elastic bands 
  • Hand grippers 
  • Gift certificates to a sports apparel brand

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