Epitome Tips & Tricks in the Recruitment Industry

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Are you interested to enter the recruitment industry? Often, a recruiter didn’t choose to be in the recruitment industry initially, but rather that it was the industry that found them.

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for a job, or equipped with more work experienced but making a career change, your first few months in recruitment are likely to be fairly challenging. The recruitment industry is getting bigger and bigger, and even more competitive than before.

Here are a few tips and tricks from Be The Recruiter you should know when you are about to play in the recruitment industry:

1. It is still relatively easy to start your own recruitment agency

It is, even though barriers to enter are increasing through the use of technology and the cash flow requirements of maintaining contract and temp staff. However, the fierce competition from other agencies is being replaced by the competition from recruitment teams working within organisations.

2. It is constantly changing, but stick with it

The recruitment industry is more complicated than what you thought and is changing almost all the time. Just like other industries, recruitment is being disrupted by technology. Social media and software tools have taken some of the mystery out of the ability of recruiters to identify and introduce talent to prospective.

From faxing of CVs, then having email killing the fax, to social media is changing the way we engage with job boards. The recruitment industry adapts and survives, simply because it is more than just sending a CV. It is much more about people doing business with people.

Indeed, many new recruiters are in doubt about choosing the recruitment industry as a career, especially during the first year. But, it is perfectly natural to harbour these doubts, and this does not necessarily mean recruitment is not for you.

If you are questioning yourself when you are in the recruitment industry but your manager is supportive and believes you can do it, then you are! Take at least 9-12 months to develop the required skills before you making a decision. It is surely a better method than a fear-driven decision during your first month as a recruiter.

3. Focus on your development

There are many required skills you can develop by being a recruiter, such as questioning skills. Asking simple questions is the key to every effective interview. If you are ever in doubt about what questions to ask, ask yourself ‘what do I actually want to know?’ Practise by speaking to as many people as you can, and ask your team leader or manager to observe you and provide feedback.

Also, learn from your Team Lead, or your colleagues with a lot more experiences than you. These are the people that you want to learn from. They are usually busy so consider what you can do to encourage them to give you some of their time.

For example, the more leads or prospective candidates you send their way, the more likely they are to help you. Listen to them on the phone and ask to sit in on their interviews or if you can join them on client meetings; ask if they’d mind giving you some advices. They might say no, but most people are flattered to be asked, and you won’t know unless you try.

If you can follow their advices, you can work towards the same achievements they get. At the end, you could get a career progression and attractive incentives!

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