Easy Steps to Add More Positive Energy for Your Cubicle

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Are you and most of your employees working in a cubicle workstation design? If yes, then here are some interesting tips to add more positive energy to your cubicle to avoid feeling sleepy and experiencing boredom staring at the same dull walls of your workspace in search of some inspiration.

While some of us may prefer working in open workspaces, there are some others who are insanely in love with their private spaces at work and prefer working in cubicles. This separate arrangement to work in a private setting helps certain workers to focus and improve attention in their jobs.

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Employees further experience calm, peace and privacy to spend all of their working hours in accomplishing their duties effectively on time, without being disrupted by the workings of other members in the departments or workplace gossips.

However, working for at least 8 hours every day in a limited space within the confines of a cubicle can bring about boredom, especially if the employees are not creative enough to add sense of vibrant feel with colours and graphics, or wall-art to the cubicle walls and decorate notice boards.

Confined to the walls of a cubicle with interesting or intriguing element around such as an abstract artwork for example, could make you feel sleepy, just by staring at the same dull walls all throughout the day. The lack of positive energy is evident, especially when you are facing mental blocks and are looking for some inspiration around. These dull walls do not uplift moods, but on the contrary dampen spirits.

It is important to make time to go out for walk and breathe some fresh air, outside the cubicle to derive some inspiration and seek positive energy from the environment around. Bit of mingling with coworkers and fun moments experienced could transpire positivity in workings, when you get back to your desk space.

Here are some ways to add more positive energies to your cubicle and cast away the hell atmosphere at work:

  • Add some photos, graphics and art

Forget about the grey cubicle walls, you can add a dash of colour by placing in photos of your near and dear ones to be reminded of them every hour at work. Also a nice smiling photo radiates happiness to perk up your moods and energise you for the day.

Employees working in cubicles should initiate to set their own wallpaper with colourful stickers or affordable sheets of fabric to decorate their cubicles. They could bring in colours that exude positive radiant energies and offer sense of calm, such as green (associated with optimism), blue (calming effect and offering a sense of security), red (to fire the spirit) or yellow (warm and inspiring).

  • Add some life

There are some plants that can survive inside workspaces with limited supply of oxygen. Employees can introduce green element into their cubicles – English Ivy, Wandering Jaw, Asparagus Fern, Mother-in-law’s Tongue, Bamboo or Jade Plant.

These plants which can grow even inside offices, would release some fresh air and positive energy in the working spaces. However, no plants should be harmed and employees should take good care of them by providing enough water and placing them within sunlight reach.

  • Stash some candies

Candies and other sweets are great snacks to help employees’ keep their eyes open and maintain calm during the hectic day. Load them to a desk candy dispenser and make the cubicle workspaces as enjoyable as possible.

Other snacks like chips and biscuits are also suggested, as long as employees can manage the trash and cast away the ants invasion.

  • Stick inspirational quotes

Favourite quotes will keep the good vibes flowing. When employees are having a bad day at work, feel stressed out and are surrounded by negativity, an interesting quote can bring back the inspiration and focus on productivity.

Quotes such as, “Yes, You Can! You are the Champion!” can make a difference to help them feel motivated on the bad days.

Cubicles are employees’ second home, as they spend one-third of their daily lives working within the confines. A well-decorated cubicle will not only cast away boredom and sleepy feel, but would also motivate employees to be more comfortable, derive inspiration and sense happiness at work.

HR and Admin managers should help employees feel more comfortable in their work spaces, to derive maximum productivity. This is more so applicable and important in the case of new hires, to inspire them, motivate and drive innovation.

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